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15 Professional Broadcast Package Templates for After Effects

Fri, 04/10/2015 - 12:49 — julie

After Effects has long established itself as a very proven and powerful tool for the creation of videos and other multimedia content. In terms of news shows and other broadcast related solutions After Effects is especially useful simply because of its universal availability and powerful set of features.

However, more often than not, broadcasters around the world wish to focus on the actual broadcast of their shows or content, be it news, sports, or even documentaries. Nobody wishes to mess around adding special effects within After Effects, and this is where the need for ready-made broadcast packages arises.

By opting for a readymade After Effects Broadcast package, you can save yourself the trouble of rudimentary and otherwise mundane tasks, and focus simply on the creation and promotion of your content. Such templates can be customized as per your needs and are versatile and diverse enough to meet anyone’s needs, be it the production of a talk show or a world news bulletin. In this post, I have put together some of the best After Effects broadcast packages for you to choose from.

Sundance TV Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Simple Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Medical or Scientific Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Showreel Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Music Channel Broadcast (Full HD 1920×1080)

Broadcast Design Complete News Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Tuts+ logoIf you’re looking to learn how to use Adobe After Effects, you should head over to Tuts+, they have many tutorials and courses that will get you started in no time!

Platform Corporate Video Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Broadcast Design Sport ID (Full HD 1280×720)

Showtime Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Broadcast Promo (Full HD 1920×1080)

If you’re looking for some professional help for editing your infographic template, Envato Studio has an abundance of professional videographers & motion designers that will create that perfect video your business deserves.

Complete On-Air Broadcast Soccer Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Fashion Promo Broadcast Pack (Full HD 1920×1080)

Modern Broadcast Pack (Full HD 1920×1080)

Niceday Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

News Unlimited Broadcast Package (Full HD 1920×1080)

Next Steps

Next up, you should head over to VideoHive and have a look at the huge collection of Broadcast Packages, there are over 700 templates covering all types and styles of broadcasts.

Browse After Effects Broadcast Packages on VideoHive →

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