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15 Lightroom Preset Collections for Adding Professional Effects to Your Photography

Fri, 05/15/2015 - 17:17 — julie

Adobe Lightroom is a very popular tool for adding professional effects to photographs. For power users, Lightroom has one handy feature that can be tapped to the maximum to get tasks done within minutes: Presets. By making use of Presets in Lightroom, you can accomplish the oft-repeated tasks of applying effects to your shots quickly and efficiently.

Perhaps the best part about Lightroom Presets is that they are fully editable and flexible. Once you apply a preset, you can also tweak and customize them for individual photos as per your needs.

So, where does you start looking for Lightroom Presets? Yes, you are right. GraphicRiver is the place to go!

With over 700 Lightroom Presets, you are guaranteed to find the one (or the many) that suits your needs. You can opt for color presets, grunge presets, HDR presets, or take the specialized route and select presets that have been created for weddings, landscapes, and much more!

In this post, I have collected some of my favorite Lightroom Presets, here they are:

Stylish Matte & Vintage Effects(30 Presets)

Stylish Matte & Vintage Effects lightroom 30 Presets

Nostalgic Instagram Filter Effects(20 Presets)

Nostalgic Instagram Filter Effects lightroom 20 Presets

Cinematic Effects Presets(10 Presets)

Cinematic Effects Presets lightroom 10 Presets

Instant Hipster Retro Effects(19 Presets)

Instant Hipster Retro Effects lightroom 19 Presets

Nostalgia Look Effect(10 Presets)

Nostalgia Look Effect lightroom 10 Presets

Glorious Summer Effects(11 Presets)

Glorious Summer Effects lightroom 11 Presets

Selective Dark Color Effects(12 Presets)

Selective Dark Color Effects lightroom 12 Presets

Soft Lightroom Effects(22 Presets)

Soft Lightroom Effects lightroom 22 Presets

Monochromatic Effects(12 Presets)

Monochromatic Effects lightroom 12 Presets

HDR Effects(12 Presets)

HDR Effects lightroom 12 Presets

Retro Effects(18 Presets)

Retro Effects lightroom 18 Presets

Tilt-Shift Effects(7 Presets)

Tilt-Shift Effects lightroom 7 Presets

Beautiful Portrait Photography Effects(10 Presets)

Beautiful Portrait Photography Effects lightroom 10 Presets

Professional Photography Effects(50 Presets)

Professional Photography Effects lightroom 50 Presets

Pro Presets(17 Presets)

Pro Presets lightroom 17 Presets

Tuts+ logoIf you’re new to Adobe Lightroom, Tuts+ have a huge selection of tutorials and courses that will teach you how to add professional effects to your photography collection in no time.

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