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Huge Improvements to Tuts+ Premium

Thu, 12/01/2011 - 07:20 — julie

We recently crossed a 15,000 member milestone at Envato’s Tuts+ Premium, our online education membership for creatives. Today, we’re very pleased to reveal a massive change for the better for Tuts+ Premium, including a gorgeous redesign, 27 top-selling eBooks worth more than $440, member forums, and a collection of full video courses. You can explore the new Tuts+ Premium or read on to find out what the membership has to offer you.

Library of Courses

Would you like to learn how to design your first website in 30 days? Or learn the language of the web, HTML & CSS? Or get a little more advanced, and start using CSS3? Or maybe use Photoshop to create concept art? Our new Tuts+ Premium courses will show you how. We’ll be adding new courses several times per month.

A wonderful new interface

The new Tuts+ Premium was designed by the incredible Orman Clark and Envato designer Jacob Zinman-Jeanes.

Top-selling Educational eBooks

Tuts+ Premium memberships now include 27 top-selling eBooks worth more than $440, including:

  • Rockstar WordPress Designer$29 Free for members. Get started building WordPress themes from scratch!
  • From Photoshop to HTML$29 Free for members. This book will teach you how to code a PSD into a full HTML and CSS website.
  • Professional Workflow for Web Designers$13 Free for members. This eBook and file bundle is packed with resources from Smashing Magazine.
  • Freelance Confidential$29 Free for members. Massive amounts of data and info on the state of your industry. Are you charging too little? Are you getting as many gigs as the competition?
  • Successful Marketing$24 Free for members. Facebook can be an incredible source of traffic, sales and clients for your business – if you use it the right way.
  • How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer$29 Free for members. The complete guide to launching your freelance career.
  • … and lots more!

724 High-end Tutorials

Our tutorials teach you one technique comprehensively and in great detail. When you complete a tutorial, we want to make sure that whatever you’re learning, you really get it. Every Tuts+ Premium tutorial goes above and beyond the quality and depth you can expect to find anywhere else. Our library includes both video and written tutorials with screenshots, so you can learn exactly how you like to learn.

Final Word

After months of work, we are so excited to share the new Tuts+ Premium with the Envato community. Envato’s mission has always been to help people earn and learn online, and with Tuts+ Premium, we really feel we have the ‘learn’ part of our mission covered!

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