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5 Traits of a Successful Designer

Mon, 11/28/2011 - 09:27 — julie
Success by Jeff Hester

LoungeKat has written a brilliant post on Webdesigntuts+ called 5 Traits of a Successful Icon Designer. Though the post is especially aimed at icon designers and web designers, its points are applicable to us all.

Kate sums up what it takes to be successful in design in the intro to the article:

The truth is, it’s managing to be many things at once and keeping a balance between communicating a concept and crafting great designs.

She then goes on to outline how to achieve that balance:

  1. Successful designers plan ahead.
  2. Successful designers know their audience.
  3. Successful designers see the big picture.
  4. Successful designers are clever.
  5. Successful designers keep an eye on technology.

To soak in all of Kate’s insights, head over to Webdesigntuts+ and read the article in full. It’s worth it! As Aleksy said in the comments:

Wow………..what can I say!! This is one of the best post I’ve visited in this weekend.

And you’ll find even more of Kate’s knowledge and experience in her book Rockstar Icon Design, published by Rockable Press. Kate explains:

The book is the kind of book I wish I had while I was learning the ropes of icon design. I cover everything from the history and theory of icon design, to best practices and methods. I also share my experiences and take readers through the whole process of creating an icon set, by going through actual tutorial exercises where you design icons from scratch.

Interested? Learn more about her book here.


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