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Special Rate On Udemy HTML5 Beginner Crash Course

Mon, 11/07/2011 - 13:34 — julie

So you are new to HTML5 huh? If you are serious about it, perhaps it’s time to do more than just reading free resources online.

Why free resources might not be the best learning resources for you?

I know, free tutorials and blogposts (as listed here: 10 Must Read HTML5 Lessons) are good quick learning resources; but, they are not the best for many web developers and webmasters. Why? Well, for one, these individual articles often do not give a complete overall view on the big picture; and two, some of the time, these guides are not written for newbies. Take Robert’s recent article published at WHSR: 30 Cool Examples Of HTML5 Websites, generally it’s a great inspiration round up HTML5 developers – detail explanation on new HTML5 tags, big images for visual inspiration, and a collection of 30 links to other cool HTML 5 sites – but wait, what’s there for the newbies? Nothing!

And you see this in many, many other HTML5 articles.

My recommendation? Join a complete HTML5 beginner course in your local university or college or institute that offers one. Alternatively, if there’s none in your area, signup for an online course.

Introducing Udemy’s HTML5 Beginner Crash Course

Speaking of online course, my recent communication with Dan Murphy of Udemy landed me a special deal on the site’s HTML 5 Beginners Crash Course. Taught by Robin Nixon, author of Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript (remember that white book with squirrels in it? :) ), the course covers both basic and medium level topics in HTML 5 including canvas drawing, using geolocation and local storage,  as well as introducing micro data and offline web apps.

Special Discount, 60% Off

The course original price is $99/signup but thanks to Dan, it costs $39 (that’s 60% discount!) if you signup following this promo link. So… do check it out if you think it’s right for you, alright?

Check out Udemy’s HTML5 Beginners Crash Course

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