Oct 24

PhotoDune’s Top Selling Author Uploads 12,000 More Photos

Mon, 10/24/2011 - 17:48 — julie

PhotoDune top selling author

My wife is always on my case to take more photos. I guess I’m the kind of photographer that likes to have everything align perfectly before I press the button. Recently, PhotoDune photographer extraordinaire Yuri Arcurs uploaded another 12,000 more photos!

You’re really making me look bad here Yuri.

Who’s this Yuri Fellow?

Yuri is currently the top selling PhotoDune author with over 3,250 sales on some 50,000 photos. Yes, that’s right, I said FIFTY THOUSAND PHOTOS. This guy puts me to shame as a photographer.

Yuri hails from Aarhus Denmark, which is a lovely port city that is apparently filled with Danes. Wikipedia tells us that the people of Aarhus “are reserved towards strangers, but friendly towards tourists, and will normally be happy to give you directions and advice in fluent English.” So if you ever need a photo, or directions in English, feel free to talk to Yuri.

Here’s some more more surprising information from Yuri’s profile page:

Yuri Arcurs has been profiled and interviewed for books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and lately the famous PDN magazine. He has also appeared in “photoshop creative” and “digital photographer”. He has been titled “the world’s best microstock photographer”.

Besides stock photography, Yuri writes photography tutorials and guides, does a videoblog and is a public speaker. Yuri has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, is a former member of the Danish “special recognisance unit” (special forces), a 100km marathon runner, a personal trainer and as a staff member said… “a irritatingly close to pathological perfectionist”.

So not only is Yuri a better photographer than me, but like Jami Gibbs, he could also beat me up in a bar fight.

We’re super excited that photographers like Yuri are a part of PhotoDune and we look forward to more outstanding work from all our authors.

Here’s a sampling of some of Yuri’s current work:

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