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Meet the Staff: The CodeCanyon Team

Mon, 09/19/2011 - 09:00 — julie

Playing “Steel Dragon” songs loudly with the windows rolled down in front of movie theaters, watching The Big Bang Theory, spending too many hours each day on the CodeCanyon forums, and coding in Ajax and Javascript and ASP.NET and PHP and whatever. Meet the CodeCanyon team.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that actual human beings sort through each and every submission to CodeCanyon on a daily basis. The following staff members are highly active in the community forums, and review one or more categories. They’re friendly, so feel free to say hi to them!

Jeffrey Way

  • Username: jeffreyway
  • Marketplace Member Since: September, 2008

Hi, I’m Jeffrey. I work for Envato, where I manage a code marketplace, called CodeCanyon, and run a popular web development tutorial site, Nettuts+. During my free-time, I’ve found myself doing more and more writing, most recently with the release of “Photoshop to HTML.” Beyond code, I also love to play guitar, and embarrass my wife, Allie, by playing “Steel Dragon” songs loudly with the windows rolled down in front of movie theaters. Trust me…it’s funny. Feel free to stop by, and say hi!

Jeremy McPeak

Howdy, everyone. I’m Jeremy McPeak. I started my career by playing with web technologies way back in 1998. I co-wrote Professional Ajax and Beginning JavaScript (both published by Wiley), and I’m the author of the upcoming book + DVD, called “JavaScript 24 Hour Trainer.” I write articles and the ASP.NET From Scratch series for Nettuts+. I am currently employed by an energy-based company writing in-house applications for Windows and the web using Microsoft’s .NET.

I spend the majority of my free time with my wife and two children, but I also spend time playing guitar, writing software, and playing with technology in general.


Hello, I’m Siddharth. I like to introduce myself as “the web guy” to people because I primarily work with web technologies. I am a regular author on Nettuts+, and run a small consultancy called Bodhi Labs. You can find my site/portfolio here. I generally tend to dabble in prototyping user interfaces, front end development and integrating/optimizing prebuilt solutions like WordPress, Magento and Expression Engine.

My hobbies include Chess, minimal weight training, video games and medium length jogs. I really love The Big Bang Theory, House and Chuck amongst the current shows with Frasier being my all time favorite.

PS – I wasn’t kidding about the web guy part. You can find photographs of my business cards here!


  • Reviews: CSS
  • Username: kailoon
  • Marketplace Member Since: August, 2008

Hi, I am Kailoon. I am a full-time freelancer, and recently setup my own company – Loondesign Studio. You can check out my online portfolio on my personal blog/portfolio. To learn more about my relationship with Envato, you can refer here.

I’ve worked almost twenty hours every day in the last two years, which led to an unbalance lifestyle. Now, I try to balance my life with family gatherings, and outdoor sports, such as basketball and Futsal.


Hi, I am Wim; I started my own web dev company in 2008, under the name Sitebase. I have a bachelor degree in Electronics ICT. After graduating in 2007, I immediately started working as a front-end / back-end PHP developer in a company specialized in automation for the catering industry. I’ve also started Sitebase as a secondary profession. After two years, I decided to completely focus on my passion. That is why, as of this year, I place all of my energy into Sitebase.


Hi there! My name is Philo Hermans, and I’m living in The Netherlands! I’m a passionate freelancer; I love to code, design and write articles. (Nettuts+WebDesign Author Profile) I am currently studying web development and design, and I hope to get my Bachelor & Master of Art and Technology in Interaction Design title in the next few years!


  • Username: Reaper-Media
  • Marketplace Member Since: September, 2008

My name is Sam, and I’m the community Moderator for CodeCanyon. As well as spending too many hours in the day on the CodeCanyon forums, and working on projects for clients, I spend a lot of time doing on personal pet projects and never find enough hours in the day; and if i didn’t need sleep (or if i had insomnia), believe me nothing would stop me coding throughout the night. I definately think that i dont get out of the house enough, and as a result have taken up jogging around the block every weekday morning, as well as going to the sports center every week or so to do an hour or so of badminton with a few mates.

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