Sep 15

FanExtra Relaunch Event

Thu, 09/15/2011 - 22:07 — julie

We’ve Relaunched our FanExtra Network!

Today we’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve relaunched our main network website FanExtra. FanExtra is the central network site for all the FanExtra blogs, including Blogs.FanExtra and of course Psd.FanExtra. It provides really affordable membership, and gives members access to hundreds of member files, such as textures, vectors, patterns, icons, web layouts, member tutorials, and of course .psd source files for all Psd.FanExtra tutorials!

We really care what our members think of the service and so have worked really hard to make the new site great. We took on board a lot of member feedback and we’re really happy with how the new site is looking. You can see a demo video for the new members area below, or continue reading to see what specific improvements have been made.

Video of the New Members Area:

You see exactly what you get for your membership

One of the main issues with the old members area was that prospective members had no way of seeing exactly what they were signing up for. With the new site it couldn’t be more transparent, as you can preview/browse every single member file without actually signing up.

The homepage now displays a live counter detailing the total number of member files available. We’ve almost reached 1000 quality files now, and will hit this number early next week.

The homepage also displays the most recent 8 files added to the members area. This is great for keeping up with what resources are being added on a daily basis. As you can see from the screenshot below, we’ve adding resources pretty much every single day now, so the members area is expanding fast. We’re also diversifying our files, so offer everything from Photoshop patterns to full .psd layouts.

You can see at the bottom of the site just how many resources are on offer:

It’s much easier to browse member files

The biggest problem in the old members area was that we offered plenty of great content, but people we’re struggling to browse it easily. As we had no search function, and the category option was very limited people really struggled to find the files they wanted, and had to resort to trawling through endless pages of posts.

As with any feedback from our members we were really keen to fix this issue, and have included some great search and categories features in the new design. This means that it’s much easier to find specific files you want to download, or you can just browse until something takes your fancy. Check out the search and category browsing options below:

In general the layout is far cleaner and more user friendly than before.

More/Better Member Resources

Whilst we already offered a lot of great resources to members, we’ve been pushing to expand our members section even more. We’re adding new resources almost every single day, and very importantly have reinstated our weekly members-only tutorial. This is something that we simply didn’t have the means to do before, but members can now look forward to one super high-quality tutorial every week, in addition to the hundreds of other resources being added.

It’s also important to note that members can use our files as they wish (except for direct resale). This means that if you enjoy a members tutorial on creating a website layout, you can simply download the .psd file for this layout and use it for your own website!

Still just $9 per month!

Despite adding vastly more files, we vow to keep our membership fee at just $9 per month. For nearly 1000 files, which all meet our high quality standards we’re confident that this is great value for money for any budding designer!

We’re so confident that we offer a full money back guarantee.

Why not sign up today and see the improved members area yourself:

Win a 3 Month FanExtra Membership ($24 Value)!

To help celebrate our big relaunch we’re offering three 3 month FanExtra memberships for a few lucky readers. These memberships will give you full access to all members files, including the dozens of files added each week of your membership.

To be considered for a membership simply leave a comment to this post suggesting a member item that you’d like to see. This could be anything from a specific idea for an icon or vector set, to an idea for an in depth members tutorial. The winners will be selected at random in a weeks time (Thursday 22nd September).

We hope that you enjoy the new members area!

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