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Essential Resources for Marketplace Authors

Wed, 08/03/2011 - 09:14 — julie
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As a new author on the Envato marketplaces, the process of becoming acquainted with the available tools and resources can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’ve compiled the definitive guide for all things authors!

This post is taken from the Envato Marketplace Wiki. There is plenty of useful information there for authors and buyers. It’s worth exploring!

The Marketplace API


Item Image Templates

Not all of us are fantastic designers. This can make the process of branding, for example, a code-based item, significantly more difficult. But that’s okay! We have a dozen different image templates that you’re free to use in your next marketplace item! Just download the PSD, replace the text with your own information, and save!

View the selection.

Useful Forms

  • Free File Submission – Gain front page exposure for an entire month by submitting to the free file of the month.


Purchase Verification

  • Purchase Verifierdownload source – This tool will allow you to verify whether or not a buyer has purchased your item. The buyer’s purchase id is required.


  • Fresh Killer – Automatically sends take-down notices to site owners.


  • Envato Analytics – Tool (currently in beta) that allows any marketplace member to track how many people are visiting your items and where customers are being referred to your items from external sources.Simply go to Envato Analytics and log in with your marketplace account name + API key. Your API key is available via My Account -> My Settings.


3rd Party Apps


  • NVator – Nvator is an elegant and native iPhone application which allows you to monitor your Envato Marketplace activities. Nvator is especially useful for keeping track of your deposits and balance when on the road using your existing Envato account.
  • Leaflet – Leaflet is an iPhone app designed for Envato marketplace publishers. Keep track of all of your account related information including comments, earnings breakdown, statement list and receive push notifications for both new sales and comments. You can also respond to comments and view individual statement entries all in one.
  • SalesDonkey – SalesDonkey lets you track your sales and comments on any website from Envato network.
  • Viento – Are you constantly checking your envato® stats? Would you love to be able to check you sales, statement and much more on the go?
  • Sales Summit – Monitor your Envato Marketplace sales and products. Sales Summit lists sales for today, this month and summarises past months sales.
  • iNvatooPro – iNvatooPro is a great application for the iPad by user ArtCrocky packed with all kinds of features. From checking your sales, to viewing graphs, to sharing on social media sites. This app definitely has something to interest any author or user of the Envato Marketplaces.


  • SalesDonkey – SalesDonkey is a Mac OS X application that detects new sales on your Envato account and notifies you using Growl framework and audio.
  • iEnvato – This is an Air app that provides advanced statistics, a brand new look, and much more.


  • iEnvato – This is an Air app that provides advanced statistics, a brand new look, and much more.

Please note that, because most of the tools and resources listed above are created by third party individuals, Envato cannot endorse or be held liable for any potential issues that arise from their usage.

Site Specific Utilities


  • WordPress Theme Update Notifier – This is a simple WordPress theme update notifier that will provide your theme buyers with a notification every time you issue a theme update.
  • Bargain Basement – Provide your older items with added exposure by submitting to the Bargain Basement.

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