Aug 30

Our New Marketplace for Tutorials, Screencasts and eBooks

Mon, 08/30/2010 - 08:27 — julie
Tuts Marketplace!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s not every day that I get to announce a new marketplace, and this one today is extra special! It unites our massive tutorial network Tuts+ with our kickass marketplace platform to form the Tuts+ Marketplace for Premium Tutorials, Screencasts and eBooks. This is an exciting new opportunity for people to share their skills with the world and earn an income doing so.

The new marketplace works just like the other Envato Marketplaces, and your regular user account and balance will work on the new site, you’ll be able to sell at our usual great commission rates, and we’ll be marketing the new site to our existing membership of 500,000 marketplace users!

Check out these Premium Tutorials

To help us launch the new marketplace Fabio Sasso from Abduzeedo, Chris Spooner from Spoongraphics and David Leggett from Tutorial9 have put together 3 special launch tutorials:

FREE Tutorial of the Month

Like all our marketplaces, there will be a free file of the month every month, and for our launch Jeffrey Way of Nettuts has provided a kick ass tutorial:

Special Edition Community Podcast!

To introduce the Tuts+ Marketplace and explain what this means for buyers and authors, we’ve created a special edition of the Marketplace Community Podcast.

This episode features Skellie (the Tuts+ Manager) and Sean Hodge (Site Manager of the Tuts+ Marketplace) to give you the low-down on how the Tuts+ Marketplace will work and what it means for you.

As always, they’re accompanied by super-duo Jordan and Drew!

What Does the Marketplace Mean for Tuts+?

Our Tuts+ sites are continuing as usual and we are still committed to great free educational content. The Marketplace fills the spot for a place to get premium, advanced content on specific niche topics, or just in a super compiled format like an eBook. It also represents an opportunity for authors to have a platform to earn a living teaching their skills.

The marketplace along with our regular Tuts+ premium program and Tuts+ advertising will be providing the revenue to pay for all our free Tuts+ content. With our tenth Tuts+ website launching in October, it’s important for us to keep the business sustainable and oriented to grow into more and more areas so that we can bring the same great tutorials to more and more people.

If you’re a Tuts+ Premium subscriber already, you’ll find that a lot of the initial items on the marketplace are already available to you through the Premium subscription. As people start contributing their tutorials, we expect the new marketplace to slowly diverge and diversify. When this happens we’re planning some integration with the premium subscriptions, so stay tuned! In the meantime the Tuts+ Premium program will continue to deliver great tutorials to our subscribers as it has been for over two years.

So all in all, the new marketplace is an addition to our existing Tuts+ sites, designed to create new opportunities for people to sell their tutorials, and to grow the library of premium tutorials we offer using the versatile and robust Envato Marketplace platform that has been so successful on sites like ThemeForest.

Check it out!

So take some time and go check out the new marketplace, see if there files you feel like buying and be sure to let us know what you think! We’re very excited about the future of this marketplace and how it’s going to grow and evolve!

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