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Go Multilingual with WPML Developer Training Sessions

Fri, 07/05/2013 - 03:08 — julie


Calling all designers and developers! We don’t always take the global reach of the Internet into account when creating themes. We’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Did you know that multilingual themes are outperforming single-language themes in the Marketplaces? In fact, multilingual WordPress themes have on average three times more sales than non-multilingual themes.

Envato’s Marketplace Growth Team has drummed up an awesome offer for the Envato community. It’s already had a great response from our Elite Authors, and now we’d like to extend it even further! To help you create the best multilingual theme possible, we’ve partnered with OnTheGoSystems, the creators the WordPress Multilingual Plugin, WPML.

WPML is a commercial product, normally costing $79. You are invited to receive a complimentary developer account for WPML, so that you can make your themes and plugins multilingual-ready. To apply, visit their Go Global Program. When completing the application, be sure to enter the link to your Envato profile in the designated field.

To help you get started, OnTheGoSystems has agreed to lead two free developer Q&A sessions. These sessions will focus on helping you make your themes and plugins multilingual using the WPML plugin.

  • The first session will be on July 9th at 10 am EST. This session will focus on making your WordPress themes WPML compatible.
  • The second session will be on July 10th at 10 am EST and will focus on making your plugins WPML compatible.

You can get a head start by reviewing the tutorial on creating multilingual-ready themes and plugins.

Register for the WordPress Theme session here.
Register for the WordPress Plugin session here.

Are you taking part? We’d love to hear how it went. If you’d like to see more opportunities like this, let us know!

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