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Caution: Mountain Lion 10 Posts That Get You Up to Speed

Tue, 08/07/2012 - 09:35 — julie
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Chances are if you’re a Mac user you’ve already upgraded to Mountain Lion. Though there’s an 18% chance that you’re still holding out or sitting on the fence. Either way, Mactuts+ and Mac.AppStorm have a metric tonne of material to get you up to speed with this incremental upgrade of OS X. Here are 10 posts you shouldn’t miss.


Preparing Your Mac for Mountain Lion

Apple’s next big operating system is set to release in the middle of this month and it’s likely that you’ll be one of the many users who are upgrading from Snow Leopard or Lion. It’s not surprising, either, because there are a lot of great features in this update and it’s going to be the same price for users of either of the aforementioned versions. In light of that, why not update to version 10.8, Mountain Lion?

Before you scurry off and buy Mountain Lion though, you should probably make sure that everything on your current system is ready for the upgrade. There are several key elements throughout the OS that need to be looked at and possibly tweaked a bit in order to ensure that the ascension goes smoothly. And for that, I’m going to be your trail guide. Join me after for a full guide to getting your Mac ready for the ferocious Mountain Lion.

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Get Organized with Reminders and Notes in Mountain Lion

After all the excitement of the past months, Mountain Lion is finally here and brings with it not only a plethora of new features and but also quite a few new apps. Let’s take a look at the new Reminders and Notes apps, which might be somewhat familiar to you.
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Quick Tip: Get to Know Safari 6

Mountain Lion is officially here and along with that launch comes Safari 6, a major update to my favorite browser. In this QuickTip we’re going to take a brief look at how to use some of the great new features.
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Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion: What You Need To Know

According to the numbers, Mountain Lion brings over 200 new features to your Mac. While many of those are under-the-hood enhancements and security features that most users will never even think about, one feature in particular can dramatically change the way you use your Mac, and knowing how it works will ensure that you’re using your computer in the safest way possible. Hit the jump to learn everything you need to know about Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion.
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Cut Through the Noise with Notification Center in Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion takes a lot of cues from its little brother iOS. One great feature that has made its way to Mountain Lion is Notification Center. Notification Center lives behind the right side of your screen and can be accessed from anywhere inside of Mountain Lion. Notifications work in much the same way as the iOS version, with some enhancements to be more practical on a desktop computer.

Notification Center will display a wide range of Notifications like email, Calendar events, missed FaceTime invites, Messages, Reminders and Social Media alerts like Twitter mentions and Direct Messages. Read on to learn how to navigate your way around Notification Center and how to set up the preferences.
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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Review

Today, Apple has finally released their latest addition to the OS X family with version 10.8, also known as “Mountain Lion“. This new version brings with it a whole host of improvements, most of which focus on bringing features such as the Notification Center and iCloud from iOS to the Mac. In addition to those new features, 10.8 also includes systemwide refinements, which make the OS feel like what Lion should have been. And, at only $19.99, it’s the most affordable version of OS X yet.
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Everything You Could Want to Know About Mountain Lion

Whenever Apple releases a new version of OS X, the blogosphere goes wild, typing tens of thousands of words about the latest features and changes in the operating system we all love. There’s always new core features that are hidden to most of our eyes, as well as the more subtile changes you might not notice in the UI without a reviewer pointing them out.

It’s only been one short year since Lion was released, but even with the quick release window for Mountain Lion, reviewers still went through the OS and found plenty to write about. Our own Alex Arena wrote a thorough overview of the new features and apps you’ll use most in his Mountain Lion Review. In our opinion, it’s a great place to find out what to expect from Mountain Lion if you don’t want to spend too much time reading about the deepest changes in the OS. We even included a giveaway of 3 copies of Mountain Lion, so be sure to check it out and enter in our drawing if you haven’t upgraded already!

But, if you’re looking for more detailed info about Mountain Lion, here’s some of the best Mountain Lion coverage from around the ‘net, as well as some extra Mountain Lion info you should keep in mind.
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Digging Deeper into Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion has brought its share of changes OS X, changes that bring many iOS features to the desktop. From the new Notes and Reminders apps to Notifications Center and Messages, it seems that the Mac looks more like a mobile device every day.

That’s not to say OS X isn’t a great desktop OS. Mountain Lion brings many small features that make your daily workflow nicer, as well as a number of little changes that might make you scratch your head. After nearly a week with Mountain Lion, here’s some of the biggest changes we’ve noticed throughout the OS.
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Weekly Poll: Have You Upgraded to Mountain Lion?

Mountain Lion has been out just under a week, and millions of us are already running it on our Macs. Apple’s announced that they sold 3 million copies of Mountain Lion in 4 days. Despite some initial problems with the Up to Date program, and expected slowdowns for first-day downloads, Mountain Lion is running strong, and very few of us have encountered major problems with it.

That’s why we’re wondering if you’ve taken the plunge and upgraded already, or not. Did your upgrade go good, or are you having trouble taming Apple’s latest cat? Or are you waiting for updates and for time to try upgrading? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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Digging Deeper Into Mountain Lion’s Built-in Apps

Mountain Lion was released less than two weeks ago, and we’re still finding new features and nice touches Apple put in their latest OS. While you may have read every review, including an excellent one written by Alex Arena here on Mac.AppStorm, there’s still lots to discover in the newest built-in apps.

Notes, Reminders, Messages, and Game Center are Apple’s latest attempt to bring popular built-in iOS apps to OS X Mountain Lion. These apps include connectivity with iCloud as well as some extra features unique to the Mac versions. If you already have other apps you love for taking notes and keeping up with your todos, you may have just ignored these new apps, but there’s plenty included to make them great apps to keep around. Join me as we begin our tour of the latest apps included in OS X Mountain Lion!
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