Oct 28

Make more money by double dippin’

Thu, 10/28/2010 - 13:35 — julie

There are many factors involved when it comes to being a top author, but one of the big ones is using your time efficiently. This isn’t like a normal job where you can zone out for an hour and still collect the same paycheck. If you’re not working, you’re not making money. On the other hand, if you can do twice as much in the same amount of time, you can make twice as much.

One technique I like to use to improve my stock output is double dippin’. What do I mean by that? I mean do the work once and get paid for it twice or more. Here’s an example: One of my very first stock items was an illustration of a clock face. Most authors would stop there and move on to the next file. Instead, I created a Flash version of the clock. With the same graphics and similar code I built a set of Flash timezone clocks. ActionScript is pretty similar to JavaScript so I also built a Unity3d version and have a jQuery one in the works. Did I stop there? No, that same clock is on the wall of my Flash Fine Art Gallery. Did I stop there? Well… yes, but I’m sure it’ll show it’s face again on the Envato marketplaces.

You may be saying – “That’s all fine and good, but how does this apply to me?” This concept can work on just about all of the marketplaces. It even makes sense between different files on the same marketplace. Here are some double dippin’ ideas:

WordPress, HTML, and Flash Developers

  1. Create customizable scrollbars, contact forms, and image galleries (in classes if you’re using Flash).
  2. Reuse modified versions in every theme or template you create. If necessary, improve them, but try not to start from scratch unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Unity3d Developers & 3d Modelers

The Unity3d category on ActiveDen and the 3d Model category on 3dOcean go hand in hand. If you create a 3d model and upload it to 3dOcean, why not bring it to life in Unity and sell it on ActiveDen?

Image Galleries

  1. Create your gallery.
  2. Use screenshots of your other files to populate the gallery in the preview file. First of all, it makes your gallery look nice. Also, even if they don’t buy your gallery, they may still buy your other files!


Did you know that 3dOcean and GraphicRiver both sell textures? The requirements differ slightly, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider uploading all your textures to both sites.

For Anyone

  1. Write a premium tutorial for any of the Tuts+ sites.
  2. Sell that same tutorial on the Tuts Marketplace.
  3. Use what you taught in the tutorial to make a file, add to it to make it unique, and sell it on ActiveDen, 3dOcean, or whatever Envato marketplace it would fit best on.

WordPress, HTML Developers

If your template got accepted to ThemeForest, the design would have to be pretty great. If so, why not upload the design to the PSD Templates category?

This list of examples is by no means complete. I’m sure there are dozens of other ways to double dip. This article is just to get the wheels turning. Just remember, selling stock is all about working efficiently. If you reuse your work, you’ll save time and make more money!

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