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Members Area Tutorial: Get Better at Photo Blending Starting Today

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 20:27 — julie

Members Area Tutorial: Get Better at Photo Blending Starting Today

Do you struggle with blending your images properly?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

So many Photoshop designs are poorly blended, and the end result is often a very unrealistic scene.

You should always spend a good amount of time blending your images perfectly, particularly when working with photo manipulation works.

Today you’ll learn how to blend a large number of different photographic elements into a single cohesive scene. You’ll learn how to pay attention to light and shadow, and how to manipulate color and shade in a non-destructive way.

To make things extra challenging, we’re going to be converting a daytime scene to a nighttime scene!

This is going to be fun, let’s dive right in.

What You’ll Be Creating:

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

Resources Used In This Tutorial

Step 1

In this step we will start with the main character of the scene.

1) Cut the image of the princess from its original image using the Lasso Tool (L) and place it on the working canvas as shown.

2) Now create a new layer over the model layer. Then select Spot Healing Tool (J) and set the options to Content Aware and Sample All Layers. Now remove all the spots and imperfections on the face. This might take some time, but the more you spend the better result you get.

3) De-Saturate the image by -46 using the Hue-Saturation Adjustment layer.

4) Now create an Exposure Adjustment layer and set the Exposure level to +0.57 and Gamma Correction to 0.75.

Step 2

In this step we are going to work on the make-up, to make the princess look prettier. (Use of Digital Pen Tablet is highly recommended.)

1) Create a new layer and set the Blending mode of the layer to Overlay. The paint the cheeks and lips pink as shown.

2) Now select Black color and paint dark circles around the eyes as shown to give the princess a slight gothic look.

3) Now de-select the Pen-Pressure option (If using a Pen Tablet.), and then paint dark black eye liner around the eyes as shown.

Step 3

In this step we are going to create the Balcony behind the princess.

1) Import the image of the balcony on to the working canvas and place it behind the princess as shown.

That’s the end of the preview!

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