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Members Area Tutorial: Create A Fantasy Photo Manipulation “Summoning The Power”

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 19:24 — julie

Members Area Tutorial: Create A Fantasy Photo Manipulation “Summoning The Power”

Today’s design lesson is an in depth guide to creating a beautiful, fantasy piece called “Summoning the Power”.

You’ll master a range of expert techniques including:

  • Very advanced, multi-layered lighting effects
  • Advanced, creative masking
  • Correctly manipulating and blending multiple images
  • Fixing blemishes, difficult edges and other difficult areas
  • Many more practical, actionable techniques

Let’s get started!

Final Image

As always, this is the final image that we’ll be creating:

Step 1

Create a new document with size 1000×1300 px and fill it with any colors you want (I choose white). Hit Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N to make a new layer. Active Radial Gradient Tool (G) with colors #010619 and #01375c:

Step 2

Open sky stock. Use Move Tool (V) to drag it into our white canvas, then use Cmd/Ctrl+T to rotate it to make this part of sky visible:

Change the mode to Soft Light 100%:

Step 3

Open ground stock. I use Retangular Marquee Tool (M) to grab a selection of ground and place it at the bottom of our main picture, use Cmd/Ctrl+T to get a right perspective:

Click the second button at the bottom of Layer Pallete to add mask to ground layer. Use soft black brush to blur the hard edge of the ground:

Step 4

I want to darken and change color of the ground to be fit the sky. To do it, I use some adjustment layers with Clipping Mask. On ground layer, go to Layer-New Adjustment Layer-Hue/Saturation:

Color Balance and Curves:

After darkening with Curves, on its layer mask, I use soft black brush with opacity about 30-40% to erase the middle section of the ground (as it’s illuminated by sky part -we’ll see in next steps).

Step 5

To darken the ground edges more, I make a new layer (Clipping Mask) and use brush with color #2f3855 to paint there. Change the mode to Multiply 100%:

Step 6

Extract model and place her at the center of our picture:

That’s the end of the preview!

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