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Marketplace API Round-up

Sat, 11/28/2009 - 05:54 — julie
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What’s an “API”? A Pink Igloo? A Pig Itching? Not quite.

The Marketplace’s target="_blank" href="">Application Programming Interface (API) allows the development of applications with access to a range of data from all the marketplaces such as the most popular and latest files. More sensitive data such as your account balance, recent sales, and monthly statements can also be accessed securely using your individual API key!

So what? I’m a designer – why should I be interested in geeky code interface stuff? Well, using the API you can develop apps/sites for your mobile, your desktop, or even your blog. Did I mention you can even design and style your applications however you want? Now that’s pretty cool, right?!

Since the Marketplace API was released about 6 months ago, several authors have jumped in feet first to develop some outstanding contributions for the community.

Let’s see what’s been going on…

Envato Marketplace Mobile

by: target="_blank" href="">hagdesigns /> link: target="_blank" href="">

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The Envato Marketplace Mobile is a gorgeous site that displays recent & popular files, popular authors, and the most recent blog posts for each Envato marketplace. As well as looking super stylish from the word go, when browsing each of the 5 available marketplaces the site is re-skinned for that marketplace, making you feel right at home.

In addition to browsing the marketplaces’ files and blog posts in such stylish fashion, using your username & API Key, you can securely access your most recent sales, account balance, commission rate, and monthly sales statements. There is even an upcoming feature where you can have your statements emailed to you! How could you top all of this? Well, you can view all of this whilst skinning the site to the Marketplace of your choice! Seriously cool.

Designed specifically for the iPhone, this site works great on most mobile phones and although I will soon be stroking a shiny new iPhone, it even looks great on my old Sony Ericsson K800i!

This site is definitely the top contender right now. Superb work by target="_blank" href="">

Envato Marketplace Items WordPress Plugin

by: target="_blank" href=""> Derek Herman (Valen Designs) /> link: target="_blank" href="">Down the Foxhole: Working with the new Envato Marketplace Items Wordpress Plugin

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For those of you with blogs and/or sites powered by WordPress, this plugin is a MUST have. In less than 5 minutes, you can have a neatly formed grid displaying a marketplace’s popular files or the recently uploaded files from a specific category (i.e. target="_blank" href="">music-players on Activeden, target="_blank" href=""> wordpress on ThemeForest or target="_blank" href="">icons on GraphicRiver). You can also display a specific user’s latest files (i.e. target="_blank" href="">Bitfade). You can use the plugin multiple times per page so if you’re torn between two categories of files, you can display both! src='' alt=':-)' class='wp-smiley'/>

As well as being able to promote files, this plugin also provides the opportunity to earn target="_blank" href="">referral money by adding your referral id to the hyperlinks!

Awesome work by target="_blank" href="">The WordPress Ninja

iEnvato AIR Application

by: target="_blank" href="">mpc /> link: target="_blank" href="">

class="postimage"> class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6585" title="iEnvato" src="" alt="iEnvato" width="590" height="295"/>

iEnvato is a gorgeous little app made with target="_blank" href="">Adobe AIR allowing installation on both MAC and PC! *applause*

This gorgeously-skinned, resizable app, which supports skinning and shortcuts for all 5 marketplaces, displays your 50 most recent sales, which can then be sorted by file name, amount made, or time and date of purchase. There is also a page devoted to statistics, showing your last 50 sales and the income made from each of those sales – a really nice touch for those of us who don’t make 50+ sales a day!

As well as having a slick design, this app also features shortcuts to your author dashboard and chosen marketplace forums, and notifies you of new sales! There is also a very worthy donate button. src='' alt=';)' class='wp-smiley'/>

Great work target="_blank" href="">mpc, looking forward to more. src='' alt=':)' class='wp-smiley'/>

Envato Product Sales Web Report

by: target="_blank" href="">jernigani /> link: target="_blank" href="">

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Another really cool site that’s been targeted for iPhone users is Jernigani’s Envato Product Sales Web Report App that focuses more on your account details and sales than on browsing the marketplaces.

With recent sales statistics, monthly sales, earnings statistics, your current commission rate, balance, and total earnings, this site provides a lot of information for you.

But wait, there’s more! All the files you have for sale on the marketplaces are displayed along with all the comments for each file so you can easily check your comments whilst checking your sales stats and balance! Awesome!

This app will soon be for sale on the target="_blank" href="">ThemeForest MarketPlace and there is a considerable list of future plans so keep a sharp eye out for it!

Envato App

by: target="_blank" href="">Emroni /> link: target="_blank" href="">

class="postimage"> class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6582" title="envato_app" src="" alt="envato_app" width="590" height="295"/>

This slick Envato app not only shows your balance and number of sales but also your rating, your referral/file earnings, AND all your badges! Love it! Super smooth page transitions will also reveal a list of your last 50 sales and the most recent comments made on your items whilst also providing a link to that item comment from the app. Gorgeous and exceptionally clever work from Emroni!

NB: Due to the awesomeness of this app, you have to be logged into your account in either Safari or Internet Explorer whilst using it to provide the extra information not provided by the marketplace API.

Nvator iPhone App

by: target="_blank" href="">DenonStudio /> link: target="_blank" href="">

class="postimage"> class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6586" title="iPhone GUI PSD" src="" alt="iPhone GUI PSD" width="590" height="295"/>

Nvator is a very sleek native iPhone app that allows you to keep a tab on your Envato account wherever you are. Although it’s a relatively new app, Nvator has already got a slick feel to it and boasts several cool features with the promise of more to come! The current version (v1.1) displays your balance, commission rate, recent sales, and monthly sales in tabular and graphical formats! Upcoming features include viewing buyers’ comments, popular items, and more stats! Awesome work by DenonStudio – definitely keep an eye on this one!

Mac OS X Sales Notification App

by: target="_blank" href="">uDesignStudios /> link target="_blank" href="">

class="postimage"> class="alignnone size-full wp-image-6587" title="salesdonkey" src="" alt="salesdonkey" width="590" height="295"/>

SalesDonkey is an app for those MAC users out there who want a better way of finding out our account balance than hitting ?R in Safari over and over again.

When minimized, you can decide whether to display your total earnings or account balance alongside the Super Sexy SalesDonkey system tray icon! Once maximized, the app shows your recent sales and, most importantly, how much you’ve made. You can also browse recent comments as well as opening the comment for replying in your browser straight from the app!

Great Little App, Heeee Hawwww! src='' alt=':-)' class='wp-smiley'/>

Envato Sales, Twitter Notification Service

by: target="_blank" href="">danharper /> link: target="_blank" href="">

For those of you who user Twitter, which is almost everyone, the Envato Sales Twitter Notification service is a great little app that will send you a message on Twitter every hour on the hour if your balance has changed, keeping you up to date without the need for any other program. For those who don’t use Twitter, what are you waiting for?! This makes it worth signing up for!

Make sure you remember to follow target="_blank" href="">@salesnotifier once you’ve signed up!


There’s some really impressive work beginning to emerge with the use of the Marketplace API, so hats off to all the authors mentioned and those who have apps in the making! For those of you who want to get your hands dirty with the API, here are some links to get you started.

target="_blank" href="">Introduction to the Marketplace API /> target="_blank" href="">API Official Documentation /> target="_blank" href="">Make An iPhone App Using the Envato API – Nettuts+ /> target="_blank" href="">Display Anything You Want From The Envato MarketPlace API Using PHP

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