May 06

Freebie Friday: Free Marketplace Files for May

Fri, 05/06/2011 - 06:43 — julie

Have you checked out the marketplaces’ free files for April? Download them while you can!

ActiveDen: Simple Calendar with Unlimited Events

Calendar is resizable.
You can resize the whole calendar over xml including text size and position of every element, without the need for opening flash files.
Easy to change font (instructions included).

AudioJungle: Africa

An upbeat modern Africa inspired piece depicting simpler times and joyful souls… Bouncy celesta and marimbas set the tone for this one.

ThemeForest: Slideo Business template – available in 7 colors

A modern business template, cool sliding menu and ready to use page styles.

7 custom skins: Navy, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple and Grey Live demo:

VideoHive: Spectrum

Customize this project any way you need! Add your videos, photos and text! By simply tweaking a few settings, you can give this project a completely different feel!

Included with the project file is a in-depth video tutorial to help you customize the project quickly and easily.

GraphicRiver: City at Night Backgrounds

Pack of stunning backgrounds, including city skylines and night skies.

  • Includes 25 JPEGS and a PSD file
  • 10 color variations, plus add your own with a few clicks
  • Fully layered, editable and easy to use
  • Textured and clean versions included
  • Resolution – 1280×960

3DOcean: 15 plastic Materials and Render Scene

This file was made using 3d Max 2010, so the material will only work in 3d max 2010/2011

Please Note the Hovercraft is not included, but is available to buy from our portfolio.

These amazing materials come with a professional render scene included to help get the best out the textures, It comes ready to use simply add you own models to the scene. 15 different styles of Plastic material to choose from so any model will look good.

File includes 1. A professional render scene 2. Detailed html instruction file 3. 15 Plastic materials file 4. Large preview image of materials.

CodeCanyon: CSS style switcher


  • absolutely no PHP editing needed!
  • 5 seconds, 3 step setup (see below)
  • created for designers
  • support for multiple CSS files in single HTML
  • ideal for showcasing your work with multiple color schemes
  • faster than JS based switching
  • unlike JS based switching not prone to bugs; doesn’t interfeer with other JS code
  • extensive user-friendly documentation and examples

Tutorials: Build your Own JavaScript Library

Over the course of the past few years, the JavaScript community has exploded exponentially. While technologies like Ajax certainly had something to do with the popularity of JavaScript, it it’s safe to say that libraries are the primary reason we’ve seen such astonishing growth in the community. No longer is the browser the playground of those who venture into JavaScript development and brave the disparate APIs supported by multiple browsers. Thanks to libraries, the differences between the popular browsers are minimized, making cross-browser development much easier than it used to be.

This tutorial is by Jeremy McPeak.

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