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30 Ways to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 13:32 — julie
Twitter Bird by Paul Snelling

We’re been saying this for a while now—and most authors we’ve interviewed agree—social networks are a great way to get the word out about your items. Especially Twitter.

But how do you do that exactly? We’ve scoured through blogs, forums, and tweets, and come up with a list of 30 ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Do you have an idea we haven’t mentioned? Let’s double the list in the comments!

  1. Tweet at least once a day consistently. Let your followers know you’re still alive and available.
  2. Follow your favorite Envato Twitter accounts: @envato, @envatoactive, @envatoaudio, @envatowebdesign, @envatovideo, @envatopsd, @envatovectors, @envato3d, @envatowebdev, @tutsplus.
  3. Use the Twitter button on the marketplace item previews for rapid tweeting.
  4. Follow other authors and interact with them. Check out the items they tweet about, and tweet back. Build a community and ecosystem of support and encouragement. After all, we’re being “social”! There’s a great list of author Twitter links in this forum thread.
  5. Be polite and thank people when appropriate. Like @EFEKT_Studio does:
    @BoonExplosion Thanks guys! :)
  6. Advertise your friends. Here’s an example from @fhr_studio:
    @NikiNPhaser @LiamBradbury @Slatsmusic @soundroll @unseenbattle @migueljl @naturahea @ankakusu @OhmLabMusic
  7. Add value to your followers by retweeting relevant and interesting tutorials from our Tuts+ sites. Here’s how @urbazon_razzlog does it:
    Need swooshing sound effect for your video project?Check out this premium pack of 20 #swoosh sounds at #AudioJungle #sfx
  8. Ask questions. @contempoinc asks:
    Anyone know of a custom nav walker snippet that adds a class to any li’s with a sub menu in #WordPress? (rt plz)
  9. Use appropriate hashtags. Which do you commonly use? Here are some good examples by AudioJungle author @roroland: #Audiojungle #filmmusic
  10. Post links to your items. Here’s an example from VideoHive author @videologio:
    Check out this great #videohive item ‘european 3d flag’
  11. Post links to where your files are being used. @pezflash shows us how:
    Great customization ( of my Vehicle controller file ( Always glad to see own files in action.
  12. Tweet about updates and fixes. @cmtstudio does:
    A fix for the new Forma tumblr theme has been released. Buyers, please re-download: and see description for details.
  13. Don’t just post links to your items. Be interesting and helpful, not a spammer!
  14. Tweet when your items are featured—in the marketplace or elsewhere. @Jo_Phillips does it like this:
    My #GraphicRiver Items featured on FreebiePixels -
  15. Tweet when your files are part of a promotion, like @3alisha does:
    Don’t miss it. My file is free file of the month on 3dOcean, download at will :D
  16. Post about items you’re currently working on. Don’t wait until they are finished. Build suspense and interest. Like @EFEKT_Studio you don’t even have to be very specific:
    Very soon – new project on VH… stay tuned :)
  17. Tell us how you’re spending your day. @miksmusic shares:
    Back from the trip and back to the studio. Working hard to meet some deadlines :-)
  18. Be controversial. Tell us what you really think. @rpelka does:
    Why does everybody say RSS is dead? I use it extensively. It’s true that it doesn’t make sense in some cases, but for blogs it’s perfect!
  19. Include the relevant Envato Twitter account in your tweet, e.g. @envatoaudio. It’s amazing how many more people will see the tweet that way. Make sure you don’t start with it though, or we’re the only ones who will see it.
  20. Tweet about personal and marketplace milestones. Here’s an example from @dabluephoenix:
    Approaching 1000 on Envato :)
  21. Tweet industry news. Here’s how @curtisaallen does it:
    Adobe Releases Flash-to-HTML5 Converter
  22. Tweet about relevant industry events. @contempoinc tweets:
    Just purchased my ticket to WordCamp San Diego! (cc @WordCampSD#WordPress
  23. Brand your Twitter page to be consistent with your marketplace profile and items.
  24. Use Twitter to support your buyers. @contempoinc tweets:
    it definitely does work, could be a plugin conflict — shoot me a message via my profile
  25. Monitor your mentions and direct messages regularly in case a customer (or potential customer) has asked you a question. Respond promptly. You don’t want to come across as someone absent, disinterested or dead.
  26. Pass on excellent testimonials. Here’s a good example from @contempoinc:
    Another satisfied WP Pro Real Estate 2 buyer “Thanks for everything, this theme is great!” #WordPress
  27. Post inspirational posts. They do inspire people! Here’s one from @designcise:
    “People who think they can change the world, are often the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
  28. Link to excellent free stuff. @bogdanspn does:
    60 Free Handwritten & Script Fonts via @nickla
  29. When tweeting links to marketplace items, add your affiliate ref number to make more money.
  30. Have fun. @pixelnourish does!
    @jordan_mcnamara You crazy, crazy man… `·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·*¯[;::;‹]ᵒᴥᵒ­­­­­)›



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