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Game Coder Magazine Is Out – Issue 1 Is Totally Free!

Thu, 02/02/2012 - 14:43 — julie

If you’re a coder looking for something to read, I have the perfect gift for you. Game Coder Magazine has just come out, and Issue 1 is totally free! (Registration is required.)

The website’s About page gives a good summary of what to expect:

Game Coder Magazine is a payable bi-monthly magazine devoted to game development. It covers the trends in game programming, presents useful tools, techniques and tutorials.

Our magazines are useful for everyone interested in game development, both professionals (game developers, game programmers) and hobbyists.

The magazine is released only in digital form, every issue is available for download in pdf from our website.

What exactly is in Issue 1? Here’s a summary from the press release.

Creating Games in Corona SDK
by Michelle Fernandez
The world of game development has become increasingly popular in the past couple years among many mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. In this article, we’ll be learning how to make a simple 2D shooter type based game in Corona SDK from start to finish in less than an hour. With Corona SDK you can develop games on Mac or PC, so everyone can join in on the fun.

Starting mobile game development
by Sebastián Castro
The word ‘mobile’ became very popular in the computer world in the last 10 years. In the last 2 years it is ‘mobile games’. All of us know games about birds vs pigs, ropes cut and fruits destroyed and those games are associated with the word ‘millions’. Millions of downloads and millions of dollars. All of us (game developers) feel really tempted to go mobile and become millionaires with our super duper game. It is possible.

Simple Snake-based Game Using C#
by Lorik Abrashi
My goal was to create a game using Panels that are similar to the game “Snake”, in 2 dimensions. In the game we come across some sort of “foods” that the snake eats, and while eating this food, the tail of the “Snake” grows. In this game, the tail does not grow. Therefore, I have created some random obstacles and every time the snake takes points, the obstacle appear randomly and increase in number. As the score gets higher, the walls begin to move horizontally and vertically to make the game more difficult.

Organizing UI in WNA using XML files
by Bogdan Tănăsoiu
When developing a game we often find ourselves in the middle of a fight: How much time will we spend on crafting new features? How about time spent on polishing it? And so on… A couple of headaches from the past made me want to write this article that, I sincerely hope, will aid as many of you in your future endeavors regarding game development.

Creating anti-aliasing and motion blur effects
by Marcin Chełkowski and Michał Kawecki
During the design process of latest addition to one of our most known franchises – the Ski Jumping series – we decided to go fully 3D. When it comes to programming on iOS platform one of the most challenging aspects are special effects, especially anti-aliasing and motion blur, because of lack of native support on the OS side. Below you will find out how we managed to deal with those matters. Dig in!

Interview with Akira Mobile
It is very important to have a strategic plan about what your game will be about – what is your game’s key feature? We decided early on that our game will be about city building and strategic war experience. Everything else is secondary, but these things we want to get right and focus a lot of resources there.

So download Issue 1 and check it out. If you like what you see, take advantage of this discount: Buy a year subscription to Game Coder Mag and get a free year subscription to Software Developer Journal completely free!

What do you think about Game Coder Magazine? Let us know in the comments.

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