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The 5 Golden Rules for Increasing productivity as a Designer

Thu, 03/18/2010 - 03:00 — julie

bannerThese are five very useful tips which I use and follow as designer in order to increase productivity while working on a design project.

1. Task Management

Task management is essential to any freelancer breaking weekly tasks in to manageable tasks and then compiling them in to a short to do list, this is great method to ensure all projects and deadlines are met and a great way to also assess if the day was productive by checking if you completed to days tasks on your to-do list.TASK-MANAGEMENT

2. An Minimalistic workspace

This is a great tip which I read in an interview with Andrew Houle from My Ink Blog which is perfect for increasing productivity having a minimalistic workspace. A minimalistic workspace will help you to work more productively because the less cluttered your desk the less cluttered your mind.


3. Staying focused

Staying focused is easier said than done especially if you’re a freelancer working from your home environment, because there are so many distractions which can lead to you neglecting a project. Concentrating on one specific task at a time rather than doing multiple tasks at the same time will minimised your chances of losing focus because all your focus will always be on one specfic task.

4. Close any unrelated programs

During any time I allocate time to work on a specific task i closed anything which is unrelated to that task which I’m currently working on, which means closing tweet deck, signing out of thunder bird and closing Firefox. Closing any program which is unrelated to my current task, so I can work more productively and draw my attention to that specific task.logs

5. Never Delay tasks or deadlines

This is something which I’m guilty of doing myself very often delaying deadlines and tasks, whenever you set yourself a target or goal try your best in order to meet it instead of delaying it to be done another day because you will keep delaying and it will never get done.


6. Bonuses From the comments – Learn Something New

Every day learn something new, a tutorial or read an article. Just something in order to refresh our brains as designers.

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