Apr 01

30 Minute Redesign #86: Get it Done Home Improvements

Sun, 04/01/2012 - 19:36 — julie

30 Minute Redesign #86: Get it Done Home Improvements

Today I’m going to be redesigning Get it Done, a blog providing design tutorials and inspiration.

The Original Design:

You can see the original site design below:

Get it Done Redesign

You can check out the original website here.

First Impressions: Strengths

Every site has some merits, and the good impressions I made here are these:

Great Branding + Brand Promotion

One of my first thoughts when visiting this site was that they really care about their brand. The site is clean and professional, but more than this, they have consistent, quality branding throughout. The logo is solid, there is an image of their company van (with logo on the side) in the header, the color scheme carries the brand throughout the site. There are also testimonials, examples of their work and special offers shown throughout the site.

Simply put, if I lived in the area I would strongly consider using Get it Done based on their website. They set a great first impression and clearly care about their business and their customers.

Get it Done Redesign

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