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The Envato 2012 Holiday Roundup

Wed, 12/12/2012 - 09:00 — julie
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With Christmas just around the corner, many of our sites have been posting on holiday-related topics, from gift guides to illustrations to carol performances to gift wrapping tips. And I’m sure there will be more coming in the next week or two.

So, as it stands today, here is a roundup of Christmas posts from around Envato.

Tuts+ Holiday Gift Guides

13 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers and Photoshop Professionals13 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Graphic Designers and Photoshop Professionals

The holidays are just around the corner. That means it is time to get your personal holiday wish list in order. In this article, we have hand picked a list of items that could be on any graphic designer or Photoshop professional’s wish list. Don’t forget to share this list on Twitter and Facebook, you never know if some one might take it as a hint.
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17 Great Gifts for Illustrators & Designers17 Great Gifts for Illustrators & Designers

Today we have an awesome gift guide full of hand picked goodies for illustrators and designers. We’ve put together a great list of books (and some gifts) that will give you a ton of inspiration and the professional edge to help you start 2013 with a bolt of creative energy! Make sure to link this post on Twitter, Facebook and G+ – you never know – a friend or two may take it as a hint.
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Audiotuts+ 2012 Holiday Gift GuideAudiotuts+ 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

What do you get a home recording fanatic, musician, or audio professional for Christmas? Well, you could always buy them an AC/DC t-shirt or a piano tie. But if you really want to make them happy, read on! Here are 20 gift ideas for every budget – ranging from $5 to $500.
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Cgtuts+ Massive 2012 Buyers Guide: 80 Gift Ideas for the Cg ArtistCgtuts+ Massive 2012 Buyers Guide: 80 Gift Ideas for the Cg Artist

We’re back this year with our biggest Holiday Buyers Guide ever and it’s jam packed with awesome! We’ve rounded up 80 great gift ideas that are perfect for cg artists or the everyman. Some are big and expensive, others are small and cheap. So whether you’re looking for something for yourself, a co-worker, friend or family member, we’ve got something for everyone and every budget. Need something big to stick under the tree this year? no problem! Looking for last minute stocking stuffers? We’ve got those too!
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Phototuts+ Holiday Gift Guide 2012Phototuts+ Holiday Gift Guide 2012

As is the case towards the end of each year, Christmas fever starts to build as shops and online stores look to draw you in to spend your well earned cash on a huge variety of gift options. However, do not fret, as Phototuts+ is here to ease your gift buying headache and offer you this simple and inspiring list of gift ideas for the photographer in your life.
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The 2012 Mactuts+ Holiday Gift GuideThe 2012 Mactuts+ Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for the first annual Mactuts+ Holiday Gift Guide! We know that your list is full of students, gamers, media lovers and most importantly, Mac users. We’ll give you some tips for how to go about gifting apps then jump into the best gifts for all types of different Mac users.
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30+ Gift Ideas for Game Developers and Game Designers30+ Gift Ideas for Game Developers and Game Designers

Don’t know what to put on your Christmas list? Got no idea what to get a game designer pal of yours? Let us help, with this bumper collection of gift ideas for gamedevs!
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15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Crafters15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Crafters

Desperate for Christmas present inspiration? If you happen to know a crafty type and you’re stuck for a gift, read on for our list of 15 perfect present solutions. Or if you’re hankering after one of these little gems yourself, perhaps you’d like to share it on Facebook or Twitter with a little “Hint, hint” attached. It’s like all your Christmases have come at once!
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Other Tuts+ Holiday Posts

How to Create a Cartoon Holiday Illustration using CorelDRAWHow to Create a Cartoon Holiday Illustration using CorelDRAW

In the following tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a simple fun holiday illustration using basic CorelDraw tools. We’ll go from sketch to rendering in vector. Ho ho ho, here we go!
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Make a Fabulous Felt Christmas StockingMake a Fabulous Felt Christmas Stocking

Add some colour to your Christmas decor with this pretty felt stocking. The stocking is embellished with rows of gorgeous ribbons, ricrac and embroidery, and is topped off with a bunch of fun, fluffy pompoms! I made my stocking in bright candy colours inspired by vintage glass baubles, but you could make yours in whatever colours you fancy…
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10 Quick And Colourful Gift Wrap Ideas10 Quick And Colourful Gift Wrap Ideas

Are you bored with traditional store-bought wrapping paper? Want to add a unique, colorful, and creative touch to your presents this Christmas? We share ten super-simple ideas that will make gift giving bright, bold, and brilliant.
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Useful Gifts for LearningUseful Gifts for Learning

I love gift giving. Buying a good gift for someone is all about being one part sleuth, one part bargin hunter, and a touch of sentimental inspiration. While some people hate shopping for the holidays, I love it. But I got to admit, I always get the creeping feeling that the sweater I carefully picked out for Aunt Ruby is going to end up at the back of the closet by New Years. It’s easy to give a gift that’s fitting, but giving a gift that’s useful and valued? That’s hard.
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Producing Music for Christmas PerformancesProducing Music for Christmas Performances – Tuts+ Premium

In this tutorial, Dave Bode explains how he created several performance tracks for a Christmas events. He shows us how he arranged the tracks, and some useful time-saving techniques he used. He also talks about the complexities of working with video, and meshing recorded tracks with live performance and choreography.
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21 Holiday Gift Ideas for Hardworking Freelancers21 Holiday Gift Ideas for Hardworking Freelancers

Is your holiday gift shopping done?
There are plenty of good deals to be had on high quality presents for freelancers. The clock is ticking down to that big present opening occasion. It’s time to get those purchases finalized, gifts wrapped, and sent off in the mail (or email for digital purchases).
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2 BundleHunt Holiday Bundles Up for Grabs2 BundleHunt Holiday Bundles Up for Grabs

Meet the Holiday Bundle – the latest bundle from BundleHunt. It features 12 of the best-selling Mac apps available today. At AppStorm we’re excited to offer you the chance to win one of two bundles up for grabs!
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Apps for Last-Minute Holiday ShoppingApps for Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

It’s Holidays Week here at Android.Appstorm! We will dedicate our time this week to bring you the best apps for the year-end festivities. From gift shopping to games, cooking and hosting, managing your to-dos, decorating your phone, it will all be about spreading the cheer and reducing the stress of the Holidays season.
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