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60 Tutorials Creating High Quality Design Icons

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Icons are essential within web design and within interface designs. There are many sites across the web where you  can download free icons. This article features a wide selection of over 60 tutorials which will guide you through the process for learning how to design icons.

1. Simple Coffee Cup Icon Photoshop Tutorialcoffie-icon

2. Design a Detailed Compass Icon in Photoshopcompass-icon

3. iTune Icon


4. Beginner Illustrator Tutorial – Create a Vector RSS Icon rss-icon-tutorial

5. Design Float Circle Icon (AI Tutorial) design-float-icon

6. Custom Hard Drive Iconhddrive-icon-tutorial

7. Design a Stylish Mail Icon in Photoshopemail-icon-tutorial

8. Computer Icon Tutorialcomputer-icon-tutorial

9. Create a Vector Film Slate Iconvector-tuts-icon

10. How to Create a Vector Safari Compass in Illustrator safri-icon-tutorial

11. Create an Adobe Box Icon in Photoshopai-box-tutorial

12. How to Create a Transparent Battery Icon battery-icon-tutorial

13. Photoshop design paint brush logo icon in Photoshop photshop-brush-tut

14. Carbon Style Icon bevel-icons

15. Create a Glossy Volt Icon in Photoshop volt-icon

16. How to Create a Gearbox Settings Icon Using Simple Shapescog-icon

17. How to Create a Quirky Twitter Bird in Corel Draw


18. Draw a Classy 3D Poker Chip in Photoshop


19. Glossy RSS iconglowy-rss-icon

20. Create a Jaguar Style Folder Icon jaguar-icon

21. Make a Handy 3D Vector Calendar Icon calender-vector-icon

22. Create An Aperture Style Camera Lens Iconcamera-icon

23. How to Create a Juicy RSS Feed Iconjucyrssicon

24. Illustrate a Traffic Cone Icon in Photoshopcone-icon-tutorial

25. Icon Design Tutorial – Designing a New Icon In Illustratorstumble-upon-icon

26. How to Create a Super Shiny Pencil Iconshiny-pencil-con-tutrial

27. Craft a Delicious Chinese Food Icon chinease-icon-tutorial

28. Create a Custom Mac OSX Style Ring Binder Address Book Icon macbook-icon

29. How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon miltary-icon-tutorial

30. How I Created Turqua: 3d Isometric Vector Icon Tutorial 3dvector-icon-tutorial

31. LG LCD Monitor Iconlcd-monitor

32. Wii Mote Controller Tutorial wii-icon

33. Create a Speed Gauge and Watch Icon in Photoshopspeed-dometer-icon

34. Clock Iconclock-icon

35. How to Create an Alarm Clock Iconcreating-a-clock-icon

36. Icon design tutorial: How to make a Calendar icon


37. How to Create a Van Icon in Photoshopcamper-icon

38. Make 3D Yet Flat Looking Shopping Basket Icons


39. Translucent IM Style Illustrator Icon Tutorialtranslant-icons

40. How to Create a Magic Wand Iconmagic-wand-icon

41. Making a Compact Disc Iconcompact-disk

42. Sony playstation logo icon in photoshopps3-icon-tutorial

43. Create a Shiny 3D Boxshiny-box

44. Photoshop Laser Printer Modelprinter-icon

45. Photoshop Scissor Iconsissors-icon

46. Photoshop Dish TV Icondish-icon

47. Create a Vector Lock Icon Design


48. Skype Buddy Iconim-icon-tutorial

49. Photoshop website skype icon design in photoshopskype-icon-tutorial

50. Photoshop Tools Website Hammer Iconhammer-icon-tutorial

51. Photoshop Electronic Torch Light Icontorch-light-icon

52. Handy Web 2.0 Icons In Photoshopweb20-icons-tutorial

53. Yahoo Smile Iconsmile-icon

54. Vista Folder Icon Tutorialfolder-icon

55. How to Design a Set of Multicolored Buddy Icons


56. Angry Emoticon angry-emnotion

57. Cubite graphics design logo icon Photoshop in Photoshopcubite

58. 3D Mp3 Player icon6dmp3player-icon

59. QuickTime Iconqicktime-icon

60. Monitor Icon Design – Photoshop Tutorial monitor-icon-design

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