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This Week at Envato – Rate Jonah’s Haircut

Fri, 01/07/2011 - 10:10 — julie

I don’t know if you’ve felt a bit like me this week, but it’s been hard to get going. It feels like I’m trying to kick start the year. The kids are home from school playing Xbox all day, the rain just keeps on coming, and all that ham I ate over the holidays is making me feel lethargic.

But I’ve had a great week. I love taking some time to get organized at the beginning of the year, and have spent hours doing that this week. It’s a great feeling moving forward knowing that you’ve already got the new year a little under control. What about you? Do you prefer to plan the year in advance, or be surprised when you get there?

Here are the highlights from Envato Notes this week:

Rate Jonah’s Haircut

Besides being a regular contributor to Audiotuts+ and an AudioJungle author (Sound Candy), Jonah Guelzo also works with Adam Everett Miller from Aetuts+ ever day. I’d say he’s close to overdosing on Envato. Though he spends most of his life as a sound man behind the camera, for the last six months he’s been getting on the other side of the lens to present some awesome Premium audio content.

Recently the ladies in Jonah’s life have had a serious talk to him about his on-screen appearance. In particular, his hair. His “sound guy” image just wasn’t cutting it. And action was taken.

What I love most of all, is that Jonah couldn’t help himself, and explained all of this in detail at the end of his last video tutorial. Check it out in the video below. And how do you rate his new hair cut?

Tuts+ Ratings System

In the last few days all Tuts+ sites have been given a new feature: a rating system. So start clicking those stars today to let us know which tuts have been most helpful.

MailChimp T-shirts Arrive

In early December we let you know that MailChimp were giving away free t-shirts. I hope you were quick enough to order yours.

Well, they’ve started to arrive. The quality is great, the sizes are generous, and they look fantastic. At least they look great on guys. Apparently Chimpy looks a little warped when worn by women. And unfortunately Roger—who told us all about it—is still waiting for his. I hope you get it soon, Rog!

Thanks a lot, MailChimp! Here’s a Photo Booth shot of mine.

Drew Douglass Loves Snow :(

Heat waves have been hitting Australia, and torrential rain with flash flooding has been plaguing Queensland. But the weather around the world has been quite different. Especially in Fargo.

Never one to complain, Drew Douglass shared this video of the weather in his part of the world. It’s a good thing he works from home!

Well, so ends another week. Have a great weekend!

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