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The Ultimate Guide to Networking and Promotion for Graphic Designers

Tue, 02/07/2012 - 02:42 — julie

The Ultimate Guide to Networking and Promotion for Graphic Designers

Whether you run a graphic designer blog, work as a freelancer, or just want to take your hobby to the next level, one thing is for sure – good networking and promotion is crucial.

Promotional primarily gets you more clients, but you also want to be building up your brand, your online following and getting your work seen by more people.

My advice for networking and promotion is very simple:

Be everywhere, and be active.

It’s really that simple. If your networking extends to setting up a blog and a Facebook page, then your work probably won’t get much exposure. However, if you’re really active in a variety of areas, from blog posts, to forums, creative networks and more, then you stand a much better chance of getting great exposure and meeting more of your peers.

Below I’ve outlined some of the best ways to get exposure if you’re a graphic designer. Try to do as many of them as you can, as often as you can, and watch your following grow!

Guest Post For Other Graphic Design Blogs:

Guest posting is an awesome way to network and promote yourself simultaneously. Here are some of the benefits of guest posting for other blogs:

  • Your writing will get exposure to a new and larger audience.
  • You will get backlinks and exposure via your author bio section at the bottom of your articles.
  • You get paid very well by the top sites. This can be a full time job for many writers.
  • You will be dealing with well established bloggers personally (or at least their editorial team). This is basic networking at it’s finest.


Link to ‘write for us’ page.

Design Instruct

Link to ‘write for us’ page.


Link to ‘write for us’ page.

1st Web Designer

Link to ‘write for us’ page.

Web Designer Depot

Link to ‘write for us’ page.

Comment on Relevant Blogs

Another great way to ‘be everywhere’ is to comment on relevant blogs. My advice would be to use a feedreader (if you aren’t already) and subscribe to as many quality graphic design blogs as you can find.

You may want to start by subscribing to PSD.FanExtra ;)

My recommendation for a quality feedreader would be Google reader:

Sign up to Google reader free here.

Join Creative Networks

Creative networks and membership galleries are one of the best ways to give your graphic design work exposure. These networks are designed so that designers can post their work and get feedback from like minded members.

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of all the top creative networks:

Deviant Art

PSD Bucket



Design Flavr





Designers Couch



Design 21

Use Social Networking

We’re all familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. However, it’s likely that you’re not using all of these sites to promote your work. Even if you are using all of them, you can probably use them more effectively.

Below I’ve laid out some useful resources for expanding your social networks:

How to Mimic Twitter Power Users and Explode Your Followers

100 Ways to Become a Twitter Power User

5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page

Network Offline

No one wants to be locked in their bedroom all day not seeing daylight! Offline networking remains probably the best way to land clients and form relationships. It’s far more personal and can be great for repeat business and referrals.

Get Some Quality Business Cards

If you’re networking offline then quality business cards are a must. We got ours from UPrinting.com. Check out our review of how great they turned out.

Attend Industry Meet Ups and Events

If you can afford it you should be attending top events in your industry. If not, free meetups are a great way to get yourself out there and meet others in your field. Graphicdesign.meetup.com looks to be a great way to connect with other professionals in your area!

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