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Freebie Friday: Free Resources for Freelancers Roundup

Fri, 03/25/2011 - 11:25 — julie

As a freelancer, you’re left to do just about everything yourself. Your invoicing. Your marketing. Your web design. And making the coffee. You’re not alone if you are searching for resources to make the job easier. In fact, it seems freelancers everywhere are writing about the subject!

So here is a roundup of ten lists of resources for freelancers. I admit that for a “Freebie Friday” I’m cheating—some of the lists contain options that cost real money. In a way that is helpful. It allows you to weigh up whether using a freebie is actually the smart way to go.

I hope you find the roundup helpful. Please let us know in the comments if you find some real treasure.

1. FreelanceSwitch: 101 Essential Freelancing Resources

This post was put together by Cyan about a year ago. With well over 600 comments, to call it “popular” would be an understatement. And the post has been updated so now it is a list of 126 resources.

The post contains many useful categories, including timing, invoicing, project management, stock libraries, business tools, legal, job boards, web tools, advertising and marketing. Most categories contain at least one free option.

2. Freelance Folder: 50+ Free Resources for Writers, Bloggers and Other Freelancers

This list is more aimed at the writers among us. The post contains resources that help you write, research, organize, check your work, illustrate your work, find work, and get connected. Every resource listed here is free!

Do you maintain a blog for your freelance business? Are you a freelance writer, blogger, or someone who writes regularly?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this article is for you. From organization, to finding ideas, to doing the research — there are dozens of free resources that can help you write better. In this post, we’ve found 50 that we think will be valuable to you.

3. Paradox 9: Free Resources for Freelancers

Another post with a 100% free list. Categories here include invoicing, time and record keeping, free commercial use images, free commercial use fonts, information and tutorials, copyright and legal, and miscellaneous.

4. Freelance Designer’s Toolbox: 200+ Resources for Freelance Web Designers

Another massive list, this one also contains items that are not free. Categories include:

  • Business resources: invoicing, finances and accounting, accepting payment, contact management, finding freelance work, time management tools, project management tools, document storage, hard drive backup, communication.
  • Design and development resources: typography and fonts, CSS menus, color tools, layouts, generators, stock photography, icons, validators, CSS tools/resources, browser add-ons, tools for building grids, coding resources, screenshots, statistics and analysis, SEO tools, content management, source code editors, CSS editors, WYSIWYG editors, backgrounds and textures, CSS galleries, forums, photo editing / graphic design, other.

Most freelance designers use an impressive number of tools and resources in their daily and weekly lives. After all, they have to deal with the design and development as well as all of the aspects of running a business. I’ve decided to create a large list to clump as many resources as possible all in one place. The post is broken down into two major sectionsbusiness resources and design/development resources, and tons of smaller sections. I hope it can be helpful for you. Of course, this is not by any means an all-inclusive list, so feel free to ad some of your favorite resources in the comments.

5. Blogtrepreneur: Ten Excellent Freelance Resources

This is a short but useful list of predominantly free resources.

Whether you are a writer, web developer, graphic designer or virtual assistant; there are more and more online opportunities every day for freelancers who want to work from home–either full time or to supplement their existing income. Here is a list of 10 excellent online resources that you can use to start and operate a successful freelance career, regardless of your industry.

6. WebWorkerDaily: 3 Free Resources for Freelance Writers

With the shortest list in this roundup, this post lists three useful websites: The Freelance Writer’s Helper, All Freelance Writing, and Jeff Gaulin Job Boards.

You may be interested and motivated to become a freelance writer, but it’s hard to know where to start. First, you should write, but that goes without saying. How do you turn your passion into paid work? It’s not a simple process, and it involves a lot of searching, digging, and some luck, as well.

These resources can help increase your chances of finding freelance writing work. It’s important to remember that whatever romantic notions of the solitary writer you may have, being successful as a freelancer depends on community, and these resources provide a good starting point for building your own.

7. Freelance-Work-Guide: Tools and Resources for Freelancers

Besides the type of resources the other posts also cover, this one includes a useful list of free ebooks about writing, selling and freelancing. It begins with a video that explains the essentials about building a profitable business online.

8. 1WD: Be Guided & Get Inspired: 45 Must-Read Resources for Freelancers

And this list is totally focused on reading: “In here, I compiled great articles and categorized them based on your needs that will be very helpful for you, especially for freelancers. These include guides, tips, techniques and even experiences from other freelancers.” Categories include: when starting up, inspiring words and helpful tips to ponder, how to avoid distractions and deal with stresses, great tools for an easier work, how to deal with your clients, and how to manage your finances.

If you’re in the mood for learning, the post links to some articles well worth reading, including “Speaking About Startups with Collis Ta-eed of Envato”.

9. Joanna Ciolek: 30 Best Design Resources for Freelancers

In another educational resource list, Joanna Ciolek has “compiled a list of the top 30 November design articles, tutorials, tips, freebies and other resources.” It is focussed on web and logo design resources.

10. Freelance Folder: 15 Lesser Known Blog Resources for Writers & Other Freelancers

And we finish with a list of “lesser known” resources that hopefully haven’t been covered in the other lists. It is another educational list, referring you to useful blog articles relevant to freelance writers, and freelancers in general.

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