Sep 10

Freebie Friday

Fri, 09/10/2010 - 05:28 — julie

I love free stuff. Especially when it’s not free junk. Here are some amazing freebies from around the Tuts+ sites. It’s definitely not rubbish!

Psdtuts Presents Exclusive Wallpapers by Jennifer Cirpici

Psdtuts+ are offering two exclusive wallpapers by artist Jennifer Cirpici. Check them out below.

Exclusive Wallpaper – Breaking Canvas

Exclusive Widescreen Wallpaper – What Guys Dream Of

You can download the wallpaper – and view some more of Jennifer’s artwork – at the original post on Psdtuts+.

Exclusive Freebie Pack – 25 Ink Brushes

Here is another exclusive freebie from over on Psdtuts+ – a set of Photoshop brushes was created by Stefan Surmabojov.

“Ink droplets are probably one of the coolest types of Photoshop brushes. Mostly because of how intricate they look in use. They are created when you drop ink into water and then photograph them. Today, we have a set of 25 ink brushes to give away for free. Feel free to use them in your designs.”

Download them from the original post on Psdtuts+.

20 Free and Useful Adobe Illustrator Scripts

If you’re a script-loving Illustrator user, this is just for you. Vectortuts+ have done the legwork for you, and hunted down 20 great free scripts.

“You have a unique opportunity to expand the functionality of Adobe Illustrator. There is nothing easier than using scripts, just select the object and run the script you need! The scripts presented in this post will save you plenty of time and will make your work more pleasant and efficient. Believe me, it is worth your attention. All the scripts have been tested in Illustrator CS3 and CS4.”

Check them out at this Vectortuts article+.

Free 3D Matchmoving Alternative For After Effects

Want to do some matchmoving for free? Aetuts+ shows you how.

“For those of you who don´t know what matchmoving is, let me just explain it very quickly. When a director wants to have a 3D object integrated into a shot, the computer needs to know how to camera has moved on the set, what focals have been used, the focus distances, lens distortion and more metadata. Otherwise it´s impossible for the computer to know from what angle the 3D geometry should be rendered. Motion tracking is the process of recreating the original camera move that was created on set with software.”

Read more at Aetuts+.

Have you come across something free and worthwhile this week? Let us know about it in the comments.

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