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Freebie Friday – Freebies from WorkAwesome

Fri, 12/10/2010 - 04:13 — julie

WorkAwesome is our blog for people who want to be awesome at work. Or awesome at what they’re passionate about. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Many of the articles on WorkAwesome cover handy resources, some of which are free. Here are four of the best freebies I could find there.

1. DropMocks

DropMocks is a handy free tool for sharing images.

I’m sure each one of you has had to share images online. There are umpteen ways to do that. Quickly attach it to an email and send, use a free image hosting site, use Flickr or Facebook….a lot of such methods exist. But none are as fast — and as good — as DropMocks.

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2. Use WordPress as a (Free) Online Notebook

We’re all familiar with WordPress, but have you ever thought about using it as an online notebook? It’s free, searchable, has tags and categories, and can be accessed from anywhere.

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3. TaskForce

TaskForce is a browser extension that helps you prioritize your inbox. It’s currently in beta – and free. There is also an inexpensive iPhone app.

Taskforce is a Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Extension that integrates directly into your Gmail inbox and allows you to split your emails into 3 different types: Information, Action, and Broadcast. Once you sign up, you pick the extension of your choice, then are brought to a screen that allows you to create a filter of all “Broadcast” emails in one fell swoop — think Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar kinds of notifications.

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4. Free Online Writing Courses

Whether you’re a professional writer or not, writing is an important skill, and it wouldn’t hurt anyone to learn how to do it better. WorkAwesome links to some great free resources for improving your writing.

If you are looking to polish your writing skills but don’t want to pay for a professional course then you might want to check out this nice collection of free online writing courses put together by Laura from Freelance Folder. It includes courses from reputed sources like MIT, HP Learning Center and There are courses on grammar, technical writing, journalism, writing for the web and more.

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