Sep 03

Freebie Friday

Fri, 09/03/2010 - 09:24 — julie

This is the first week of the month, and the marketplaces have posted their free files for September. Let’s check them out.

ActiveDen: Logo Maker / Image Editor by jayc

Logo Maker / Image Editor

Logo Maker is a Flex application that helps you create/edit logos and images. Users can add/edit images, text, symbols and download logos as PNG images. Logo Maker can be useful for webmasters or anybody who want to offer this service for free in order to attract more visitors or just for personal use.

AudioJungle: Slow Blues by QuadraphonixAssociation

A pretty catchy and calm blues track featuring a nice sounding acoustic drumset, a Fender Precision electric bass, a sweet sounding Hammond organ in the background, Fender Rhodes and a slightly distorted synthesizer. The lead lines of the synth supply the pretty hooklines, which give the track the calm atmosphere. A typical descending minor chord progression was used for this track.

ThemeForest: Fotofolio – Premium Photography Portfolio Template by bitpub

Fotofolio - Premium Photography Portfolio Template

“If you like this file then make sure to follow me on themeforest and/or twitter to stay up to date with my latest releases and updates. Thank you!”

VideoHive: Simply Red CS4 by flashato

Simply Red CS4

Simply Red is a CS4 Project,and can be used for fast and dynamic content presentations like sport or action. The main comp will have 12 place holders. The project is setting at 24 fps, 1920×1080. An additional Project is provide with 6 more comps in order to extend the project.

GraphicRiver: Scribble Heads – Vector Pack by RZDESIGN

Scribble Heads - Vector Pack

This is a unique vector pack that contains 12 uniquely designed heads in scribble style! You can alter the color, size or anything you like. They will never lose they’re quality, cause of the eps/ai format. Also, these scribbles are nice to place on your avatar, website, profile, business card or anything else you would like to use these sketches for!

3DOcean: Car Wheel v2.0 by NechitaPaulFlavius

Car Wheel v2.0

High detail car wheel. A nice, sleek concept, dark with a new design.

CodeCanyon: PalmsForm – Form API for PHP by garyc40

PalmsForm - Form API for PHP

PalmsForm takes all the hard work out of form building. You can get a form up and running within minutes. Form configuration and validation was never so easy. The best part about this library is that it is so flexible and convenient for you to customize your form, add / remove form fields, modify error messages, and extend core functionality of the library with minimal effort. As a result, you can use PalmsForm for all kinds of form, in all kinds of web sites and applications. It just works.

Tutorials: How to Code a Custom HTML5 Video Player by JeffreyWay

How to Code a Custom HTML5 Video Player

Though the idea of a video-specific HTML element was suggested well over a decade ago, we’re only just beginning to see this come to fruition! Forget all of that “HTML5 2012” mumbo-jumbo; the truth is that you can use the video element in your projects right now!

The only problem is that the video players are inconsistent from browser to browser, and full-screen support is, at the time of this writing, only available in certain browsers, via a right-click. Further, what if we want to brand our video player? Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to do so by default.

The solution is to create a custom player that remedies all of these issues.

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