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Freebies, free my mind!

Sat, 06/04/2011 - 13:49 — julie
Free Place to Sleep by Brad Stabler

Congratulations to GraphicRiver author 92five for being the first to submit a community post through our new Write a Post form.

So you see a lot of freebies floating by your eyes don’t you? Most authors publish freebies regularly, and some don’t publish a single one.

So here is my insight into the freebie madness…

When i started as an author, publishing my work on GraphicRiver (I’m working on a ThemeForest theme now), I looked in many alleys to expand my skill set. I used some tutorials and practiced, practiced, practiced… And one day I set out to create a freebie for a couple of sites. I didn’t even know what I was going to make, just wanted to try it…

I did make one, and it was awful! Every single day I think about removing it from the interwebs, but then I decide not to, because it reminds me of what I have accomplished in my designs in these few months of my author period.

When I decide to make a freebie, I look for inspiration anywhere, but mostly other authors files on GraphicRiver. I try to learn and practice the styles used to make their files in my freebies using trial and error, but with my own design twist. So I try to make the freebie as perfect as I can (like a GraphicRiver file) and upload it. Then sit back and wait! Because freebies are a great way to see what people like and/or dislike. And they do help steer me in the right way with my future file uploads to the marketplaces.

Sharpening my skillset has been the number one priority for me in these last few months, and i tried using tutorials but found myself giving up in the middle because I get bored easily. So making freebies is kind of my tutorial site. Don’t get me wrong, I flick through every tutorial on Psdtuts+, and then if I like it, I use the skills i learned from it on a file or freebie. It’s just that freebies make me want to show the world my new “dotted i” in Photoshop.

When you decide to make your next freebie, or your first start out with the mindset of a kid—”Daddy, how can I do that?” where daddy is Photoshop or Illustrator!

So try and open up a blank 800×600 file and just go crazy. Open your mind and beat the hell out of those blending options, you get shocked sometimes by the things free stuff can teach you, Grashopper.

And as a final note, this is my first freebie… I know it hurts your soul too. :)

And as a comparison, this is one of my recent pet projects:

And finally, here is my latest freebie:

Click the images above if you’d like to download the freebies.

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