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Creative and Free Icon Sets

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 13:58 — julie

Social media is a crucial platform to help drive businesses these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one man show, or a multi-continental corporation, allowing viewers of your site quick and easy ways to plug in to your social media outlets so that they can stay up to date with what’s going on is extremely important. One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing social media icons that link back to your respective social media account, icons are also a great way to inject some color, creativity and character in to the design of a site. Let’s take a look at some great options out there for free social media icon sets.


Bubbles is an 8 icon set that includes glossy options for StumbleUpon, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Each icon is offered in either a png or psd format and are 250 px by 250px. The clean style of each icon makes this set a must have for any designer looking to add to their icon collection.



DarkSocial offers icons for 10 different social media platforms, and in 4 different sizes (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, and 512×512). Whether you want viewers to your site to be able to Digg it, Yelp it, WordPress it, Tweet it, it doesn’t matter, the icons are there for you to work with. The dark design is very universal, making this set able to work on a wide range of sites.


Social Balloons


Social Balloons is packed full of icons for every social media platform imaginable, from the standard Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, and RSS icons, to the more obscure like Technorati, Design Float, Blogmark, Slash Dot, and Feedburner. If you’re looking for an icon, odds are it’s in there. And if it’s not, there are blank bubble icons for you to work with, white, grey, red, orange, yellow, light green, green and blue. Each icon is a 32-bit transparent PNG image, comes in five different sizes, and their clean and adaptable look allow them to work with almost any application.



Trucks is a clever option for anyone looking for a creative way to display their social media icons. Italian designer Andrea Austoni created these 10 different truck icons and offered them up for free so others could help drive traffic to their site. Each icon is offered in a massive 512×512 px size, assuring they’re big enough and can be resized to what ever dimensions your project calls for.


Latte Icons

Latte Social Icons is another free icon set from Andrea Austoni. Get a taste of these four icons that you most commonly see on sites plugging visitors in to their RSS feed, StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook account. These foamy creations are served up in three different sizes, 128×128, 64×64, and 48×48.


Wooden Badge

Wooden Badge Icons are the perfect solution for anyone whose site is designed with a wood paneling theme, or has some sort of wooden accent incorporated in to it. With 27 different icon options, chances are all the ones you need are included.


Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is an icon set that says it all in the name. These high quality icons are a no nonsense option for designers looking for a pack of icons that they will be able to use on multiple projects. Included in this set are 42 icons that are 64×64 px in dimension and are offered in both PNG and PSD formats.


Grass Textured

Grass Textured is a fun option for anyone looking to incorporate some social media icons in their project that has some intimation of grass in it. Whether it’s a website for a golf course, a landing page for a landscaper, or simply a promotional email for your lawn mowing business, these 12 different icons, offered in three different sizes (256px, 128px, and 64px) will certainly make the cut.



Badges is the pinnacle example of something doing their best to do their duty to the design community. This creative pack of social media icons boasts 28 creative options of different icons in three different sizes! However you want your visitors to react to your site once they StumbleUpon it, the can Tweet it, Bing it, Digg it, get LinkedIn to it, Mixx it, or tell people it’s Delicious.


Bulb Social Media Icons

Bulb Social Media Icons is an extremely creative option for social media icons. The pack includes 9 social icons in 256×256 PNG format, so you can mix up the ultimate potion of awesomeness to unleash on your visitors.

About the author: with over ten years in the freelance web design and writing fields, Scott Stanton has had his finger on the beating pulse of the industry’s hottest design trends and bends for the past decade. Scott regularly writes for Wix.com the free website builder. Follow him on Twitter @TheScottStanton.

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