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Free Access on Tuts+ Premium

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 14:33 — julie

Last week, Tuts+ Premium experienced a major outage following a security compromise. On Saturday we issued a refund to all members who were paying subscribers on June 26th when the issues began. In addition we announced that we would be giving free access to anyone who, prior to June 26th, had ever signed up, even if their membership had expired or they’d never completed their initial purchase.

It was a bad situation, and I’d again like to apologize to all the affected users. We hope that this period of free access will be a small step to repairing our user’s faith and trust in Envato and Tuts+ Premium.

Here is how the free access will work:

(1) Members with an Active Paying Subscription

If you had an active paying subscription on June 26th, then we will be issuing a rolling refund at the end of July and then the end of August. There’s nothing you need to do, the refunds will be sent via PayPal or Moneybookers as we did this past weekend as a one month rebate of either $9 or $19 depending on the type of subscription you have.

If you unsubscribe in the intervening time, at the end of the month we’ll add the remaining months of free access on to your account. So if you unsubscribe in July, then at the end of the month we’ll add two months free access. And if you unsubscribe during August, after receiving one more refund, then at the end of that month we’ll add one month free access.

It’s difficult through our payment APIs to pause subscriptions, so a rolling refund is the best way for us to carry out the free access promise.

(2) Members without a Paying Subscription

If you had created an account with Tuts+ Premium at any point in the past, whether it was an account that expired, or a cart abandonment, but are not currently a paying member, then your account will simply now have free access switched on. You can log in to your account any time between now and September 2nd and will have free access to the site and services.

Once the period is complete, your account will revert, and you’ll need to create a paying subscription to carry on.

Tuts+ Premium has some amazing content and we hope all our users will enjoy this period of free access to expand their skills and knowledge and take advantage of our fantastic array of ebooks, courses and premium tutorials!


(1) I didn’t receive the refund issued on the 30th of June
On Saturday the 30th of June, we sent out payments for $9 and $19 to all members who were active paying subscribers on June 26th. Depending on your account type these funds might automatically appear in your account, or you may need to actively accept them by following email instructions from PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill (depending on which service you used to subscribe in the first place).

If you have not yet received the refund, please check your account and email records, and then contact Support and we will investigate the payment records.

(2) I am not a paying member, and my account doesn’t have free access
So long as you had a username/password created prior to the 26th of June, you should now have access granted. If this is not the case, contact Support and we can check the account and add access permissions.

If you have other questions, please contact Support.Envato.com.

Thank you again to all our subscribers for your continued support. We hope to bring you ever better learning materials in the coming months and years.

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