Aug 20

Meet the Staff: Vectortuts+ Has New Editors!

Mon, 08/20/2012 - 14:11 — julie

After a team switch-around, Vectortuts+ recently announced a new editor and associate editor:

We have a new editing team! Today we’re proud to announce that Kate McInnes is now Editor of Vectortuts+ and Sharon Milne has joined as Associate Editor. With over 20 years of combined vector knowledge, the site is definitely in good hands.

I had the privilege of meeting Kate in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year, and chatted with Sharon and her cats on a Tuts+ team Google Hangout a few weeks ago. And now you can meet them too, with information taken from the Vectortuts+ announcement…

Get to Know Editor, Kate McInnes

5 Things You May Not Know about Kate.

Kate on the Web

Get to Know Associate Editor, Sharon Milne

5 Things You May Not Know about Sharon

  • She’s a big animal lover and lives with three pets, one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Shelley (pictured) and two cats, Sameria and Harley Quinn. All names have geeky origins (Sheldon Cooper, Warcraft, Batman respectively).
  • She is unashamed of her poor taste in music, as she listens to anything and everything!
  • She started freelancing full time, thanks to Vectortuts+ interviewing her!
  • She can’t sing, but can’t help subjecting people to her vocal stylings while playing Rockband!
  • She’s currently working on a book for Adobe, after previously writing tutorials for their Adobe Illustrator blog.

Sharon on the Web

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