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Coming Soon: Patrik Larsson’s eBook “Markplace Tips & Tricks, Second Edition”

Thu, 04/21/2011 - 11:32 — julie

If you enjoyed Patrik Larsson’s ebook “Marketplace Tips & Tricks“, we have some great news for you. He’s been working hard on a significantly expanded second edition. He’ll be finished in a month or two.

Patrik was kind enough to give us an in-depth interview about the update. His enthusiasm is infectious. Not only has he got me excited about the book, but it seems he’s got half the marketplace authors involved in the project!

Feel free to ask Patrik questions below in the comments. Once the new edition has been launched, we’ll let you know about it. And you can keep up to date with the book’s progress on Patrik’s Facebook page.

In the meantime, read Patrik’s interview below, and see how excited he can make you.

You’ve almost finished the second edition of your book. What response did you get to the first edition?

The response was better than I expected—actually a lot better than I ever anticipated. When Google Analytics tells me there have been 3600+ unique visitors to the site and I’ve reached a total of 2437 downloads, the stats are quite awesome to say the least. And they don’t include the ones I’ve sent through e-mails for people living in China and other countries where bit.ly are blocked, as I never used a download counter that was the best way to track downloads for me. My initial goal was to get up to 1000 downloads in total but it got crushed during the second week with over 500 more than I ever expected.

It was really surprising that I managed to get over 700+ downloads the first 4 days, though I guess it had something to do with the forum announcement as well as the post you wrote here when I launched it. Not only have I received a lot of thank you e-mails, comments, etc., but also quite a few tweets and Facebook likes.

What prompted you to follow up with a second edition?

As the response for the first book was so great I actually decided to write a second edition of it a year later. It took about a week to decide. Though there was a problem: When could I find the time to do the research? Then a few months later it happened. I got more time on my hands and started doing the research needed for the book. I wanted to make the second edition of the book bigger, better and meaner. Research for the case studies this time has been going on since November 2010, and contains a lot of valuable tips that have been proven to work.

I didn’t receive a lot of feedback on the first edition, so I decided to be my own critic. This is also a major reason for me to write a Part 2 of Marketplace Tips and Tricks. Being my own critic for the book was probably the best that could have happened. It pushed me into writing up points of improvements, the layout of the book, making it more visual appealing, and to include screenshots of the case studies to make things more graphical and visual. Everything to help out the community and its authors to reach new heights!

Did you work with anyone else while writing the book? Who was that, and how did it go?

As a matter of fact I did. There’s a couple of guest chapters, as well as a very intriguing and detailed case study by the GraphicRiver author, Dzinc! That’s not all though, I also managed to get interviews with some very talented people for the book. They share their views and experience as well as some tips for marketing. So far the book was really exciting to write, and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve read through the interviews to pick up some pointers and tips to include in the book.

Pixelcloth, another very talented GraphicRiver and ThemeForest author, has designed the cover for the book to help me out a bit on the way. He’s also one of the people interviewed, and a very friendly and helpful person in nature! I would like to take the time to say thank you for designing the cover and for being such a good sport with all my revisions for the cover! Thank you, Stefan!

Justin, a fairly new CodeCanyon author has contributed with a small tutorial about preview images, pointing out the most essential points, and what one should emphasize when designing them. A very talented person with some hidden skills, so make sure to listen to what he says in his tutorial when the book is launched.

Philmo, a talented author on both GraphicRiver and ThemeForest contributes with a case study on thumbnails and their impact on views as well as sales. A very interesting read, and a proven fact that they do have impact on both sales and views of one’s items. He’s also been kind enough to provide a screenshot of the impact.

Kate Payton aka Pixelnourish was kind enough to take some time and create some very beautiful buttons for everyone to use. Nothing special, but a very valuable item for every marketplace author. Follow buttons for each marketplace will come in handy, and are quite useful for the people who don’t have the time to create some of their own. You’ll be able to download them from the official website when the book launches.

The people interviewed are nothing but well known around the marketplaces as well as the web itself. As you will notice, there’s a couple of very big names included and I think you all will appreciate what they have to say.

Tim McMorris is one of the big names and a very well known person, and has had his music used in commercials for both Toyota and Adidas, which in my opinion is nothing but amazing, I’m sure you all agree with that statement. Not only did Tim kindly take some time off from his very busy schedule to answer the questions I had for him, but he also probably did the most extensive answers I’ve ever seen. A total of seven pages for five questions should be enough for you all to understand what I mean. And rest assured, every single line contains a lot of great information. So I’d like to give a BIG thank you to, Tim for taking the time to really add some value to the book!

Ricardo de Zoete also took some time off from his busy schedule to answer some questions for me. A great guy and a great designer/illustrator that’s working hard with an iPhone game he’s been a part of. If you would like to have some fun I strongly suggest you check it out—it’s a great game and well worth the money! Push Panic is not only fun and addictive, it’s great visuals are a strong plus and also designed by Ricardo himself.

I guess we all know him or at least know of him, Orman Clark the creator and owner of PremiumPixels and some very successful themes over at ThemeForest also agreed to an interview for the book. Not only does he run PremiumPixels and post regular content but he also finds the time to make a new theme, answer support questions and being active on Twitter as well as taking the time to answer my questions. How does he do it? Well, that’s not something I can answer but only Orman himself.

Wim Mostmans, aka Sitebase also took the time to answer my questions, a very talented top-selling author over at CodeCanyon and a great guy in general. His items are top-class every time and well worth spending one’s hard earned money on.

As there are quite a few people I’ve worked with on the book, there’s bound to be some mistakes. When I started writing the book I forgot to save the document and of course, I lost almost three finished chapters that I had to rewrite from what I could remember. Though now I’ve learned from the mistake I made, every little revision or thing I come up with, I store using Evernote since it’s got an autosave function that’s been a lifesaver for me! So no matter if I’m on the run or at home I can still add something to the book.

Again, thank you everyone who’s been kind enough to contribute with something for the book, it really adds value to everyone who’s downloading it! Thank you!

Did anything funny or interesting happen while writing the book?

Ooh, that’s a tough question! There’s always something funny or interesting happening when writing and doing research. Some of the most interesting and fun experiences I’ve had so far are the case studies, to watch it’s impact, will it fail or is it winning. And I’ve gotta say, Envato Analytics have been the most visited site from my part for quite some time now, checking stats, is it working or do I need to fix anything? I’m still checking it daily to see if I can find any indications to the stats themselves and if something has changed with a small fix.

It’s been a great experience and it has increased not only my knowledge but also my skills in both writing and designing. I also discovered that if I check the ins and outs of every item I create and check its stats from time to time and do comparisons, I learn something new each time! What works and what fails, this is also why I’ve been so active and not so active on the marketplaces recently, I’ve been trying new things and creating new items to see if it works. So far I think I’ve gathered about 60+ hours doing research for everything, and most recently I spent about 2 hours styling a collection to see if it has any impacts on sales and visits.

To design the website for the book has been very fun as well as frustrating! As I’m always my own worst critic, I’m never satisfied unless it turns out great on the first try. Even after I’ve finished a design I still visit it from time to time and see what I could have done better, if it’s too much, then I usually trash the entire design and start all over again. This takes a lot of time, but it’s fun and I learn new tricks and techniques all the time. That’s the time to be creative and do what I do best. It’s also my favourite part of the day!

What is your favorite part of the new edition of your book?

That’s easy, it’s the Case Studies! Every single one of them were fun and exciting to try out and to see if I got the results I wanted. Sometimes it works, other times it won’t. It’s also the most emphasized part of the book since it’s the most important part. Not only do you get an insight into things that have been proven to work, but you also gets a valuable insight in how things work! It’s been a thrilling and fun ride, but it’s almost finished now as the book will launch in early June.

To put the Case Studies aside, I have to say that my favorite part are the interviews, especially Tim’s, a long and great read every time I read it (probably 10 times already). Not only were the people kind enough to answer my questions but they are all great guys that works hard.

This has nothing to do with the book per se but I also noticed another thing: Even though someone is a top-seller, he also cares about the community and the people that hang out on the forums. When there’s a problem or anyone needs help, everyone chips in with their opinions and try to help the best they can. With this in mind I try to keep the book as simple as possible so everyone is able to understand. Even if you don’t speak English as a native language, it will still be easy to understand, and if you don’t, then the people around the marketplaces most certainly will help. It’s also the reason for why I love this community, and a BIG reason for why I’m writing a second part of the book.


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