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Do the Marketplace Managers Eat Their Own Dog Food?

Sat, 03/26/2011 - 04:12 — julie
ben_foodBen Food by Wolfie Rankin

Do the marketplace managers eat their own dog food? Do they use the marketplaces themselves? Do they stand behind their work? Do they put their money where their mouth—ah, keyboard—is? The answer is a very clear “Yes!”

Each member of the team has been a marketplace member for at least three years, and are successful authors you can learn a lot from. Here is a selection from their favorite and best-selling items. Take note of their titles, artwork and descriptions, and learn from them.

Lance Snider

Lance has been a marketplace member since January 2008. Though he mainly creates items for ActiveDen, he does have quite a few GraphicRiver items, and even one on ThemeForest.

Username: Dxc381
Sales: 9,651
Items: 101
Followers: 311

Fine Art Gallery – Flash Web Template

This highly customizable and totally unique Flash web template can be modified to suit any creative need. The best part is that you don’t even need Flash!

This parallax Flash gallery makes the users feel like they’re in your world, not just on some website – they’re actually taking a stroll right through the life-like scenes you create.

Off-Road Ralley Car Game with Banners

In addition to being a fun game, this is also a way to virally advertise to a captive audience. Not only are your banners prominently placed on the menu pages, they’re strategically placed throughout the levels.

Scott Wills

Scott has been a marketplace member since September 2006. In Envato terms, that’s almost prehistoric! He is incredibly multi-talented, with items in six marketplaces: ActiveDen, AudioJungle, ThemeForest, VideoHive, GraphicRiver and 3DOcean. So far.

Username: ScottWills
Sales: 4,955
Items: 282
Followers: 293

Art Folio | Portfolio Template

Clean, contemporary portfolio template ready and waiting for your art work, designs, illustrations or photos! This template features four complete, different pages! Every page is W3C compliant which means that it works across all browsers and both XHTML and CSS validate 100%!

FotoFeeder | Image & Photo Gallery AS3 XML

FotoFeeder is a fully customizable and easy-to-update ActionScript 3 and XML image gallery that can be used by virtually anyone. Photographers, designers, even family members can use FotoFeeder to display images and photos. The beauty of this image gallery is its simplicity, solid functionality, and its ability to be customized via an XML file.

Blu-ray Web Pack | Buttons & Banners

The Blu-ray Web Pack contains over 50 individual, high quality graphical Web elements! Perfect for movie, film and video related projects, this pack of buttons, banners and interface elements is totally customizable. Quickly and easily edit and reposition text, backgrounds and icons to create your perfect button or banner!

This file is a layered and fully editable Fireworks PNG vector graphic. You will need Adobe Fireworks to open and edit the graphics in this file.

The History of Our Fathers

A reflective appreciation of the future bestowed to us by all our fathers…

Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey has been a marketplace member since 2008. He is by far the most successful author in the Tuts+ Marketplace. Maybe that’s because of all the ninjas. Learn from him!

Username: JeffreyWay
Sales: 4,303
Items: 23
Followers: 373

Object-Oriented Programming in PHP – Videos 1-4

There’s no two ways about it: understanding object oriented programming is hard! We all know the feeling. But eventually, if you stick with it, things suddenly click—and boy, is that an amazing feeling.

So that’s my goal with this massive video series (separated into three cheap purchases for your convenience.) My job is to help someone, possibly you, finally dig into Object Oriented Programming, and, not only understand the concepts, but also understand WHEN and HOW you would actually use these techniques.

CSS: Noob to Ninja – Videos 1-4

This kick-ass video series will take you from being an absolute CSS “noob,” all the way up to ninja-status, capable of wrangling even the most obnoxious of browsers into place. The series begins with the basics: the syntax, properties, etc. However, each new video expands upon the previous, as you work your way up and improve your skills.

If you’re switching over from a graphic design career, or are hoping to finally dig into CSS from scratch, this will be the series for you. And even if you have a modest level of experience and want to take your skills to the next level, learning the latest CSS3 techniques, the latter part of this series will surely quench that thirst!

Venturing into Vim: 4-Part Video Series

Remember how, in school, sometimes, the student sitting next to you was able to explain and help you understand some difficult concept more than the teacher? The reason is because, once you’re mastered a craft, it’s difficult to recall what personally gave you the most trouble.

From September to October, I embarked on a four-week challenge, which I call “Venturing into Vim.” After hearing countless extremely talented developers praise this seemingly decade-old code editor, I decided that it was worth a month of my time to figure out why so many people consider Vim to be the best editor on the planet.

If you happen to be in a similar position at this time, why don’t you come along for the ride? Over the course of four screencasts, I demonstrate every spec of information that I was able to soak up.

Integrating PHP and jQuery: Video Tutorial

So you can work with PHP , and have a basic understanding of jQuery, but you haven’t yet figured out how to combine the two into your projects? If so, we’ve got you covered today! In this Plus tutorial, you’ll learn how to take advantage of PHP ’s MySQL improved and prepared statements to query a database, how to request that returned data with jQuery, and then how to filter through the returned items and display them on the page, adding a touch of animations.

Mark Brodhuber

Mark has been a marketplace member since May 2007. Most of his items are on VideoHive, but he also has one item on each of ActiveDen and 3DOcean.

Username: MarkBrodhuber
Sales: 901
Items: 24
Followers: 90

Icon & Text Animation HD

This project is a great way to display information about a product/company. I actually have this exact video displaying in the reception area at my company, so when people walk in this is playing on a screen and displays some basic info about the company.

Each animation includes an icon placeholder and text. The included icons can be replaced with icons, photos, or videos. The icon comp is 400×300 which conforms to 4:3 aspect ratio. And the main file is created in full HD 1920×1080 but it can be scaled down to any resolution needed.

Everything in this file is editable, and includes a very in depth help file explaining how to make this your own. Everything down to the background color are all very easy to change. Also you can add multiple instances of each animation, so if you need more than 5 animations, its very simple to add more…all is explained in the help file!

Light Sweep

This is an animated light sweep. It currently comes with 7 colors. All colors are shown in the preview above. This video would be good for various uses…you can drop it under title sequences, use it as a background over a gradient, to add some life to the background, it could be a transition, or just add a nice touch to your video. This clip can also be easily encoded to work in flash. I would do it for you, but I would have to upload it in both the video and flash section.

This video has an alpha channel. For those who don’t know, this allows you to drop the video over any source and the black BG will drop out…leaving only the light sweep animation visible. This allows for a perfect key, no blending modes needed to get the background out. If you don’t want that to happen you are going to have add a layer below this layer with whatever color BG you require.

Abstract Smoke HD

A Taste Of What’s To Come!

Hello all, its been a while. Here is an abstract video of smoke. Shot in 1280×720 60p. The the video has been converted to 30fps making it great quality slow motion. It has an included alpha channel, and all you have to do it drop it over your project. Setting the blending mode to “screen” produces nice results. You can color it, or tint it.

Use it as a background as is, or use it as an overlay. I plan to release a series of these but shorter. This one is just a tester file which is why its so long. So keep checking back!

Car Paint

This is my first 3DO submission, so don’t be too critical. I plan to submit a lot more in the future!

This is a set of basic car paint materials. Of course they don’t need to be used specifically for cars, but any instance where a highly reflective vibrant paint is needed, these will really shine!

I actually made the set years ago, and just reopened it recently for some minor tweaking.

Big thanks to Nick at GreyScaleGorilla for his new HDRI Light Studio. The torus object used in the preview image comes with the studio!!

Jarel Remick

Jarel has been a marketplace member since 2008. Like many successful ThemeForest authors, Jarel’s portfolio isn’t crammed full of lots of different items—just a couple of good ones that sell well.

Username: jremick
Sales: 787
Items: 2
Followers: 88

Sleek Server Error Pages – 404, 403, 500, more!

This is a clean, web 2.0 design for website / server error pages. It is flexible and very easy to customize. It comes with 5 of the most common error pages (404, 403, 401, 500 and 503) but it’s very easy to add more if needed. All text is real text so adding more pages is a breeze, no image editing required. Easy setup and configure PHP version now included (configuration not necessary unless you want to customize it further).

Core 3 – Premium XHTML/CSS Business or Personal Template

The Core 3 template is very simple, clean and effective. It is incredibly easy to modify and can easily be used for business or personal. Theme coding is very well commented and easy to read.

This template was a winner of the Top 10 Templates of January Competition.

A simple template that includes all the necessities for a fully functional site, right out of the box!

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