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35 Digital Paintings Done the Right Way

Tue, 05/03/2011 - 19:35 — julie

35 Digital Paintings Done the Right Way

Digital paintings have always been a great source of inspiration for me, and the medium has provided some of the most appealing, elegant and vibrant art. Despite technical aids, digital painting takes just as much skill and time as more traditional mediums. In the following round-up we have 35 beautiful and inspiring digital paintings. Each of these works has clearly seen a lot of time invested, and the amount of detail is truly impressive!

Digital Painting #1

A realistic and expressive 3D picture of Johnny Depp in the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. The picture impresses with it’s real look, even though it is a digital art.

Digital Painting #2

A picture that will shock everyone, as it is not a photo. The pictures presents a realistic made man that looks like a live person.

Digital Painting #3

A beautiful digital ilustration of Jimmy Hendrix, the author making him looking like a real and expressive man..

Digital Painting #4

This stunning image presents an old man that covers his head with his arm, making hard to believe that this is an artificial painting.

Digital Painting #5

A beautiful and a little bit mysterious young lady with a melancholic look. You can also view how it was made, finding out that this is not a real person.

Digital Painting #6

A portrait presenting Natalie Portman with a clear and nice look made only with some digital tools, coming in with a handy tutorial..

Digital Painting #7

Gerard Butler’s digital portrait, done in Photoshop using a tablet and some time, making a expressive and an interesting face.

Digital Painting #8

This portrait presents a man watching with his expressive and colourful eyes, having an intense and serious look on his face.

Digital Painting #9

An abstract and unusual landscape introducing flying wales, castles and beautiful details.

Digital Painting #10

A fictional picture representing the birth of an fallen angel, having a little background story and looking as a high-tech pic.

Digital Painting #11

With a slight oriental air and a being very well drawn, this photo’s attention is gained by the giant doors that are keeping a great secret.

Digital Painting #12

The drawing is a portrait of a popular actress that plays in a show. What atracts the most is the elegant curly hair and some very powerful eyes.

Digital Painting #13

The following digital painting involves in it some great skills the author has, and also, tons, tons of creativity.

Digital Painting #14

A picture that shows a field full of remains that are realistic and with a slight air of the mystical.

Digital Painting #15

A beautiful color combination to make the landscape’s look as a real photo, the drawing impressing by it’s central item: a high and unusual building.

Digital Painting #16

A picture that is to show different layers of the world combined in one space, with a surreal note and abstractive thinking.

Digital Painting #17

Probably the thing that is best in this drawing is the girl, entirely done by the author, the picture having a easy action style..

Digital Painting #18

An impressive representation of a mythological event, Pandora appearing as a beautiful blonde lady opening a well-detailed box.

Digital Painting #19

Thus you understand that this is not real, the picture itself with all it’s greatness will surely leave a good impression in your soul..

Digital Painting #20

An elegant drawing, with a emotional message and very beautiful details, the swans being the most important element in the pic.

Digital Painting #21

A scene that represents a warm and cosy autumn atmosphere created by the big and impressive autumnal tree..

Digital Painting #22

A original portrait presenting Zooey Deschanel in a cute and interesting pose, having a nice face and eyes.

Digital Painting #23

This digital painting has a very realistic look with a very deep and interesting idea behind it’s colors and shapes.

Digital Painting #24

A very real and amazing picture, presenting the famous Batman saving a fainted women.

Digital Painting #25

A beautiful Christina Aguilera’s portrait, looking very real and creating a impression that she is ready to move anytime.

Digital Painting #26

A very grand and with an old air representing a great ship, named La Rochelle, which is very well detailed.

Digital Painting #27

A interesting and a little bit amusing drawing that represents a night-time visit of a friend, playing videogames.

Digital Painting #28

A image done with soul, having an important air and anime look, being perfect for a comics representation.

Digital Painting #29

A mythological creature embraced by a warrior women, having a slight mythological air.

Digital Painting #30

An unusual and a little funny image that shows a house that is floating in the ocean, it’s owner trying to fish.

Digital Painting #31

Stunning and with a comic atmosphere, this picture representing a hero raising a tank surely is something worth seeing.

Digital Painting #32

This is another beautiful and enough realistic digital painting which can really amaze some’s eyes.

Digital Painting #33

A picture having a slight magic air and a powerful character that is most like to be a sorceress.

Digital Painting #34

An amazing representation of how the earth can be destroyed by the peoples great greed.

Digital Painting #35

A representation of a drawn young lady which is looking backward, being one of the most beautiful women in China.

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