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Lance Interviewed in Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 14:06 — julie

What was the first Envato site and how did it come to be? How do you find authors and convince them to sell on your marketplaces? Do you spend any free time with the other employees? What’s next for Envato? ActiveDen’s Lance Snider was interviewed for the March issue of Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine, and these are some of the questions he answered.

When the opportunity came up to actually run ActiveDen, I jumped at the chance. Now instead of developing, all of my time is spent trying to help my authors make more money as well as helping Flash developers understand the value of using stock to enhance and speed up their freelancing.

Flash and Flex Developer’s Magazine is a free magazine devoted to… well, Flash and Flex developers. It is published most months in a professional-looking indexed PDF format. It offers tutorials, product reviews, and articles from the industry’s talent. Other topics in the March edition include GPU-3D in Flash, file handling, custom virtual classes and iPhone development. The main story is “Adventures in Actionscript – Serializing Objects”.

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Towards the beginning of the interview, Lance discusses the sort of money that Envato marketplace authors can make.

Making $70,000 per year is not uncommon for the top Envato authors. We have a couple who make around $25,000 every month!

He finishes the interview discussing licensing and protection issues, and HTML5. Fantastic work, Lance!

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