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10 Ways To Add Value To Your Service And Build Customer Loyalty

Wed, 08/26/2009 - 23:24 — julie

Many businesses fail because of the lack of value they give to their customers. I have wrote a quick handy guide on how to increase value to your website service / product, and build loyalty with existing customers and new ones. Adding value to your service allows you to raise the product price, so you earn more money, or keep the price the same, but conversion rates and customer satisfaction with the product will be higher. Anyway here is my guide. If you want to share a tip you have to add value, drop us a comment.

Your Product Needs To Be Unique

Theres no point in having an exact duplicate of another product / service. You want to offer something unique to your customers. Your product needs to be in a league of its own, so when people come to look at it, they will be like “that’s awesome, no other service offers some of these features” etc.

Offer Free Trials And Long Guarantees

If you offer your customers free trials of your service, and say they don’t have to put a credit card on file for the free trial, you will get a big response, because they haven’t given any form of billing information over to you, so they know that however the trial goes, they have nothing to loose. If your product shines, people will buy it.


Bundle In Services That Relate To The Product

Why not offer free services that relate to your product. An example would be if you were selling eCommerce software, you could say for every sale, you get one years free hosting.

Offer free outstanding support

Theres no point in having an amazing product if when your customers get stuck you can’t offer outstanding support. If you offer free support via email or phone, come across friendly, and care for your customers needs, your customers will love your service even more, and even refer friends.

Evaluations, Feedback and Testimonials

Ask a select few customers for feedback on your service, how to make it better and testimonials of their experiance. Then why not display them on your site. New customers will read the testimonials, and it may persuade them to sign up to your service.

Add Video Tutorials

If you add a collection of video tutorials on how to use your product, fix problems etc then you will 1) receive less support emails, and 2) customers will think you have gone the extra mile, and it will help to sell your product even more. PayPal do it and look at how well their company is doing.


Case Studies

Aswell as displaying testimonials, you could also do whole case studies with a few select companies that use your product. Show how the product plays a part in their company, and how they go about using it.

Loyalty Bonuses

Offer a 10% discount if the customer pays annually rather than monthly. This will encourage them to stay on with you and be a long term customer, aswell as giving them a discount.

Build Partnerships With Big Clients

If you build partnerships with big client companies, then you can display who uses your product on your homepage. New customers will see that so and so use it, and it will encourage them to buy.

Categorize Your Market

Instead of going full out all whack, categorize your customers into different categories depending on their needs of your product. Its up to you if you want to offer a good service to everyone, or an outstanding service to selected groups.

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