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Top 10 Tutorials To Learn PSD To HTML Conversion

Fri, 11/20/2009 - 13:38 — julie

Compiled here is another top 10 countdown. This time we count down the top 10 PSD to HTML conversion tutorials. These top tutorials teach you how to take many different designs in Photoshop, and code them out into HTML and CSS.

The list is in descending order leaving the best tutorial until last. Remember that this is WebDesignDev’s opinion about the order that the tutorials are in.

What tutorial is your favorite? And does number one deserve to be number one? If you have any suggestions on tutorials you think should have made the top 10, then please drop by a comment. Anyway, enjoy the list.

#10 From Photoshop To HTML

BolducPress have written this top tutorial on converting a Photoshop design straight into HTML. There are demos too, and plus you can download the PSD and HTML / CSS files if your not up for following the tutorial. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#9 From PSD To HTML / CSS In Easy Steps

This tutorial is a 4 part series, and will teach you how to convert a very lush design into HTML. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#8 Lab TV Layout, PSD to HTML

PSD Vibe wrote a tutorial on how to design a lab tv layout. This tutorial will teach you how to take that Photoshop layout, and code it up in HTML and CSS. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#7 Build A Sleek Portfolio Site From Scratch

This Net Tuts tutorial is all over the internet. Its sch a beautiful tutorial, and will teach you how to build a sleek looking portfolio site from the grounds upwards. View Tutorial


* * * * *


At number 6, we have the old BolducPress PSD to HTML tutorial. They take a design that they previously taught people how to make in Photoshop, and then code it all up into HTML. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#5 Slice And Dice That PSD

This tutorial lives up to its name. Net Tuts teaches us how to take a PSD design and slice and dice it up, and then code it out into a beautiful HTML and CSS document. They also show the PSD and HTML comparison. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#4 Converting A Photoshop Mockup

CSS Tricks teaches us how to convert a Photoshop mockup design into a fully functional web page. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#3 How To Convert A PSD To XHTML

At number 3 we have another awesome tutorial from Net Tuts. This is a 3 part video series that will teach you everything. They also cover coding for IE6 too! View Tutorial


* * * * *


At number two we have a tutorial from HV Designs. This tutorial will teach any web designer (beginner and advanced) how to code a PSD to XHTML and CSS. The tutorial flows and is very easy to follow. View Tutorial


* * * * *

#1 From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step

Last but not least, saving the best until last, we have a tutorial written by Net Tuts. This time they teach us how to convert a beautiful design (names Creatif) into HTML This is a top tutorial, and Net Tuts covers almost about everything. View Tutorial


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