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Community Pulse: WordCamp Europe 2013

Wed, 11/20/2013 - 04:38 — julie

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I recently joined Envato’s WordPress Evangelist,  Japheth Thomson, in Leiden, NL for WordCamp Europe 2013.  I don’t have Japh’s expertise in WordPress, but was lucky enough to spend some quality time with our community members at the event. Two of those extraordinary users are Tiago Martins and Joao Mesquita.


From left to right: Japh, Joao, Tiago, Calin

Tiago Martins is one half of Fusecoders (who sell themes on ThemeForest), and is an amazingly creative business strategist, whilst Joao Mesquita is one of our buyers and an expert domain flipper! Both are from Portugal, are a part of the Envato ecosystem and traveled to WordCamp to meet like minded people. I caught up with them in Leiden to discuss their web-design journey and involvement with ThemeForest.


Tiago: I was born in Portimão, Portugal. I consider myself a young online entrepreneur, and I have a strong focus to create and innovate in the national and international markets.

I began working on the Internet four years ago. First as a blogger and a programmer (C# and PHP), and then I specialized in front-end, WordPress and SEO. I love to work in a team, and I’m always open to new challenges, the more challenging my work is, the better!

I love to travel, to meet new people, and to be present in all kinds of digital events. My life philosophy is to share experiences and learn.

Today I dedicate most of my time to FuseCoders, a small creative and programming team with a focus on innovation. We recently launched Krava WordPress Theme on ThemeForest.

Joao: I have been involved in the Internet business since 2001, when I was introduced to domain names by a friend of mine. I have never stopped since, and I love eBusinesses.

I have also worked in the Real Estate business in Portugal, and a lot of things between the two worlds (virtual and physical) actually overlap, due to the fact that domains and websites are the internet Real Estate!

Beyond that, I have had several projects on the web. Some went well, some didn’t, but I’ve learnt from my mistakes. That led me where I am today, which is the domain space. Working in this area gives me the opportunity to hold a domain portfolio while I develop key projects at my own pace.


What Marketplaces do you use most, and how long have you been using them?

Tiago: The Marketplace that I visit the most is ThemeForest. For me, it’s the most inspiring place creatively.

I love WordPress Themes. I have been an author on Envato for about seven months. It all began in a coffee conversation with my partner, Anthony Vendeirinho, when we decided to invest in this area.

Joao: Although I started my buyer experience on CodeCanyon, it’s in ThemeForest where I spend most of my time, searching for themes to use in projects.

Some years ago I was searching for a FAQ solution for a site that I had. After hours of searching, I found myself visiting CodeCanyon over and over again. So I thought to myself, ‘This is the place’. I found a really nice script, and the price…oh man, it felt good to pay a very low price for a very good script. That was how I first got engaged in the Envato world.

What do you think about the Community behind Envato? Are there any community members who you find particularly interesting?

Tiago: Since I became an Author, I’m always improving the quality of my work. Gladly I get constant feedback from customers and curious people, which helps me to create effective solutions to my products.

Joao: When you have three million users (and growing), that only proves that the concept is right and people are ready to contribute with value. Sure, that might produce some noise, but that’s normal and at the end of the day. The final result is all that matters.

I think that Envato is leading the way in this space, and can only say that without the community Envato just wouldn’t be the same.

I have to say that I find FuseCoders to be promising authors, and I feel really lucky to watch them grow, not only inside Envato with their Krava Theme, but in the real world as well, where I am able to watch them getting more exposure and recognition by some of the best developers in our country. Either way, all roads lead to Envato!

Have you ever met people outside of the Marketplaces, and realized later that you were both authors on Envato?

Tiago: Personally I just know one GraphicRiver author. We already knew each other for two years, although I only knew he was an author after I launched the Krava WordPress Theme, which was an interesting experience in changing ideas and concepts. I hope to meet more authors and Envato customers because the best way to improve your products is to be in direct contact with these people.

Joao: I haven’t had the pleasure to meet more people outside the Marketplace, but I look forward to attending an Envato Meetup and talking with interesting people anytime… maybe in Portugal?

What do you do when you’re not creating items for Envato? Have we helped you evolve in any way?

Tiago: I worked for two years in digital agencies as a front-end developer and a SEO specialist. Four months ago, I decided to work by myself and dedicate myself full time to personal projects, because I felt the need to make more and be better.

Now I dedicate all my time to my online projects, like:

  • Generating Leads and Online Sales
  • HTML Templates and WordPress Themes.

I’m a regular reader of Tuts+ sites because the quality of the tutorials is excellent, and I love to learn everything I can about online subjects.

Joao: I am, and specialize in Portuguese premium domains, as you can see in That’s what I love, domaining.

As I have a portfolio of domains, I have all sorts of ideas to develop them, and since that requires a ton of work and hours, I usually go to ThemeForest and surf the marketplace for the perfect theme that fits a domain.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one doing this, but I have quite a good time when it’s “theme surfing day”. I can absolutely say that the Envato Marketplaces help me in my work.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me, it was a real pleasure! Do you have any thoughts on how we could further connect the amazing community that has grown into a huge loving family over the years?

Tiago: Envato has everything to create a community that promotes regular meetups. Personally, I’d like to meet many more authors and members of the Envato team.

Joao: Nothing substitutes face to face contact. I learned that many years ago, and I believe that’s the best way to maintain great long-term relationships. It allows people to speak about things that it just wouldn’t seem the same if it was discussed via email, or any other virtual way, and you can establish deeper levels of conversation. Plus, from my experience, I can only say that the best connections I’ve made so far were made face to face, and attending conferences and meetups are a key factor.

A big thank you to Tiago and Joao for chatting with me. I’m incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to exchange a few words with these highly motivated and friendly gentlemen. If you would like to read more about our awesome authors, you can check out this recent interview with Mr. Nechita Paul Flavius from GraphicRiver. I’m very excited to share my conversations with our community members, as I have a huge amount of respect and admire each and every one of you guys and girls!

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