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Common Misconceptions about Web Designers “As a web...

Fri, 02/12/2010 - 07:52 — julie

Common Misconceptions about Web Designers

“As a web designer, I’m proud to be a part of an Apple-loving, forward thinking, technologically advanced group of people that devour tutorials and web design blogs, hoping to create a stellar design that that gets posted in every CSS gallery out there. Yep, we’re a group of people that works hard, plays hard and strives to meet our deadlines, while learning something new along the way.

“We’re also a misunderstood group of people, viewed as gothic creatures that shun the daylight because we’re just tragic artists.

“Well, I’m here to set things straight. Here are some common misconceptions about being a web designer that just aren’t true.”

Have you ever been misunderstood?

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