Dec 21

FanExtra BIG Christmas Discount!

Tue, 12/21/2010 - 01:46 — julie

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s holiday season, and here at PSDFAN and FanExtra we can’t wait for Christmas! To help celebrate the holidays we’ve decided to offer a great discount at our FanExtra network.

For the remainder of the month (expiring January 1st 2011) we’re offering a FULL 12 MONTH FanExtra membership for the price of just 6 months. Just to clarify, you’ll get one years membership for just $39 (regular price: $69).

The Holiday discount is: ‘FANEXTRAHOLIDAY2010′

xmasdiscount1 FanExtra BIG Christmas Discount!

FanExtra is Expanding

You may have seen from our recent ‘icon week’, but we’ve been pouring a lot of resources into expanding our FanExtra members area. We’re publishing a lot of great new tutorials (up to 137 source files now!), and are also releasing incredibly high-quality icon/vector packs on a regular basis. Add this to our host of high-res texture packs, and growing collection of design-related discounts and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet deal!

We’re actually relaunching PSDFAN really soon, and this will see even more improvements to our expanding network!


 FanExtra BIG Christmas Discount!

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