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Best of The Web – June 2009

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June has been a busy month, but yet an exciting month for us. We have wrote some great articles to the blog, posted our first giveaway that over 200 people have entered, and hit the 3,000 mark on our Feedburner RSS Feed! But there has also been some great content posted on other design blogs in the blogosphere. Anyway, here is what we think was top in June 2009.

Ps – If you missed our best of the web may 2009, then check it out! And also if you have any submissions for best of the web, July 2009, then post them in a comment.

Web Design Tutorials
Some amazing tutorials from the Tuts+ Network of sites, Vectips, Tutorial9 and more!

Create a Rocketing, Vector Aircraft Shuttle

Create a really cool vector rocketing aircraft shuttle with vectortuts. You will need illustrator to do this, and you can learn some amazing effects!
View Tutorial


Turn Any Font Into a Sketch Font

This great tutorial will teach you how to turn any font into sketch. This can work well for titles, and a hand drawn design.
View Tutorial


Create a Flying Land Illustration On Fire

Learn how to create an amazing realistic illustration using Photoshop! There is also a video tutorial if you don’t like reading tutorials.
View Tutorial


Create a Clean and Colorful Web Layout in Photoshop

Tutorial9 has yet provided us with another amazing tutorial on how to create a brilliant web layout using Photoshop.
View Tutorial


Super Cool Watercolor Effect

In 10 steps, learn how to create a really super cool watercolor effect using Photoshop.
View Tutorial


Car Speeding Scene

This amazing tutorial can teach newbies to Photoshop some very important and useful effects.
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Create a Cool CSS Menu

Learn how to create this awesome CSS menu! If you don’t want to follow the tutorial, you can always download the menu for free.
View Tutorial


Abstract Floral Explosion in Photoshop

Another great tutorial from tutorial9. This time learn how to create an abstract floral explosion around a guitar.
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Articles From Around The Web
There have been some amazing articles published in June. Here are the ones we think are the best!

How To Approach Categories and Navigation in Blogging

This great article is a must read for all blogger’s. It teaches you how to go about creating a linking structure for your blog.
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Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3

CSS has been around for 13 years. This article will get your feet wet with CSS3, and show you a few tips and tricks.
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10 CSS properties that ‘were’ impossible to implement in IE6

A great article on the browser war. This will show you 10 CSS properties that just couldn’t work with Internet Explorer 6.
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15 Effective Tips and Tricks from the Masters of CSS

Some fab web designers have compiled a list of CSS tips and tricks. Before you create a new CSS stylesheet, you should read this article.
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10 HTML Tag Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit

Loads of web designers make some noticeable HTML crimes. Line25 has put together a list of 10 crimes you really shouldn’t commit.
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50 Inspiring Examples of Minimalism in Web Design

This is some great design inspiration. Using large designs to minimize web design. Some great websites featured here.
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4 Tips for Creating an Effective Poster Design

If you are designing a poster, you have to see this article. There are some great tips listed in this article.
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14 Invaluable Tools To Check The Real Worth of Your Design Work

The value of someones work is very hard to put a price tag on. Here are 14 invaluable tools to check the worth of your design work.
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Best New Web Designs
Of course we couldn’t leave out inspiration. Here are a few best new web designs throughout June.

Trent River Cruises

Trent Cruising has a very lush and subtle website design. They use some nice shades of blue, and put it together in a nice interface.
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Bush Theatre

Bush Theatre has a very scruffy design that works well with the site. It uses 3 main colours that work very well together.
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Lord Likely

Lord Likely has to be one of the best designs in June. It has an old style newspaper design, and uses fonts, colors and images to show that.
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Dialogix is an analytics tool for web designers. Its new web design has some awesome colours, and the site is neatly woven together.
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Ecocard has a nice new bubbly website design. When you first look at the design, you think green, hence the name EcoCard.
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Elliot Jay Stocks

Elliot Jay Stocks is a web designer, illustrator, author and speaker. His new website design is clean and easy to navigate round.
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Simple Bits!

Simplebits designs simple and easy to use web interfaces. They own a few other sites their self, and their new design is simple, clean and beautiful.
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Cool Web Design Freebies
Last but not least, our little collection of web design goodies, all free to download.

30 Different Flying Birds

A great vector freebie from VectorTuts. You can use these with Adobe Illustrator.
View Download Site


20 Spray & Splat Photoshop Brushes

Some great Photoshop Brushes in this pack. Can be used to create some awesome effects in Photoshop.
View Download Site


Old Grunge Paper Textures

If you are wanting to create an old styled illustration or website design, these old paper textures will come in handy!
View Download Site


36 Watercolor Icons

There are some beautiful watercolor icons in this pack. Download all 36 of them at tutorial9!
View Download Site


Birdies – Twitter Icons!

Yet again, another blue bird twitter icon pack. Check out these birds to use on your website.
View Download Site


50+ Beautiful Wordpress Themes

Quality wordpress themes are hard to come by these days, with so many designs floating round the internet. CrazyLeaf has compiled a list of 50+ wordpress themes that look stunning, and are all FREE!
View Download Site

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