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Fresh Articles, Tutorials And Awesome Freebies For Designers

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Its been a month since we launched our brand new sister site Vector Patterns and the support which we have received has been amazing. In this article we would like to share some of fresh new articles, tutorials and freebies which have been featured on the site. If you like the content featured on the site be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed or join the mailing list to be keep up to date with the latest blog posts.


5 things which will create the perfect working environment for any freelancer

The working environment for any freelancer of any sort must be the perfect environment to work late nights and early mornings. This is a rundown of my personal top 5 suggestions for creating the perfect working environment.

Guide How To launch A New Design Blog

A collection of tips which I’ve implemented over the years when launching a new design blog, as well as being a good personal reference of things I should do in the future if I choose to launch a new blog.


How To Create A Very Scary But Cute Monster In Illustrator

Monsters, they can be bad and ugly or they can be nice and cute. How is this monster you decide by yourself. This is a tutorial on how to draw a complex monster illustration, I tried to make it as easy as possible but knowledge of basing drawing tools is advised anyway.

20 Fresh Must See Illustrator Tutorials

There are so many illustrator tutorials been released constantly all over the web its difficult to keep up with all the fresh and latest tutorials. This is a short but delightful collection of 20 of the freshest illustrator tutorials created over the last 3months, hopefully their maybe a few good tutorials which can help educate you and teach you some useful tips.

How To Create A TDK Cassette Tape

Do you have any of those at home? Even if they are considered retro elements, there are probably still a lot of people that continue to use them. Because retro style is very popular right now and besides that, they are just so nice! In this tutorial I’ll show you to create a standard D-C60 TDk cassette in just some minutes.


A Sweet Golden Chrome Rss Feed

A sweet golden chrome RSS icon set, which is a nice flashy icon set which can be used in commercial design projects as well non commercial design projects. The icon set comes in four different sizes from 256 * 256 to 32*32 a wide range of different sizes. I hope you like the icon set any feed back you have would really be appreciated.

High Quality Paint Strokes Photoshop Brush Set

Today freebie is a high quality free Photoshop brush set of paint strokes, the set includes 5 brushes which are well designed Photoshop brushes to give an authentic paint stroke. The possibilities are endless how the manipulated and incorporated in to different styles of designs.

25 powerful fonts for creating a logo identity

Today on Vector Patterns we have decided to compile a list of good free fonts which are available to download for free of charge. The fonts which we have compiled into the list are all free fonts which can be used to construct a professional corporate identity for a company. Hope you enjoy the post and feel free to leave a comment to share your favourite font or fonts featured within the post.


Hand Drawn Ornate Ornaments Free Vector Patterns

A hand drawn vector ornate ornament pattern set the beauty of this pattern set is that it has an awesome sketch effect, which makes the end result of overall pattern look amazing as well the pattern set includes two hand sketched patterns.

Hand Drawn Pastel Flowers Seamless Pattern

This pattern was a pleasure creating because the pattern was unique and and their is not many patterns on the web which use pastels to create a pattern, it was great to create a pattern which is outside of the box. The pattern set includes a Photoshop pattern file which can be loaded straight into Photoshop, making it easier to play around and manipulate the patterns.

Crazy Circles Free Seamless Premium Vector Pattern

Wow really enjoyed creating this seamless vector pattern set and the final outcome turned out very well. An amazing circle pattern constructed using simply just circles available to be used within commercial and non commercial design projects.

Cute Folk Seamless Vector Pattern

A really colourful folk vector pattern which scaled down up made larger, a colourful vector patter made available to be used within commercial design projects. The pattern is available in seven different colours i hope you enjoy.

ornament Free Seamless Pattern

A vintage old ornament seamless vector pattern created using illustrator, this pattern can be used when creating a vintage design to give this design a more authentic look. This pattern is free to be used commercial design projects as well as non commercial design projects, hope you enjoy and fee free to leave a comment to share your feedback.

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