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Author Interview: Wowdg

Tue, 07/03/2012 - 10:43 — julie

Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, constantly designing, becoming a freelancer, and believing in your own style and quality. This week we meet Mariano Ceballos (wowdg) from GraphicRiver.

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do for a living?

My name is Mariano Ceballos. I was born on December 16, 1977 in Buenos Aires , Argentina. Since 1993 I’ve been living in Tandil City, Argentina, one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

I’m a graphic designer but I consider myself a “designer”, not just graphic designer. My main disciplines right now are web site design and flyer design, but I really like to do lot of projects at the same time – different projects, web sites, branding, logo type design, motion design, brochures, books, t-shirt designs, whatever. The idea is to design all time. And not do just one thing.

Which marketplaces do you belong to? What types of files do you sell?

I belong to GraphicRiver and I do flyers. I joined about four years ago, but never uploaded a file till last December 2011, when I made my first GraphicRiver flyer, and in about February I started to create and upload regular weekly flyers, and business started to grow!

How did you get started? Have you had any formal training?

I’ve been working for quite a long time. I did my first job in 1998 while I was studying. I never finished the graphic design course. I got very bored, so I start to work for local discotheques and pubs for my first payed designs. I did the flyers and tickets.

Then I worked in my bedroom for five years for my first local city clients. In 2003 I joined a graphics studio and worked with a regular hour schedule. I was there till 2007, but I never got used to the daily routine of regular work. I loved to work at night.

So I quit my hourly job and started the freelance life (which was the best thing that could ever happen to me). It’s been a long time now, but it doesn’t feel like it’s that long. I’m just starting…

Describe your home workspace.

I have a room for myself in my apartment. I need my own space – my wife is a clothing designer and also has her studio at home, so we are together all day. So last year we moved to a bigger apartment where each of us have their own space to work.

In my studio I have my toy collection: a big couch (where I rest with my cats) and a desk with my PC. I’m a big PC fan – I use an AMD with 6 cores, 4 hard drives and 6 GB of RAM.

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Describe your creative process. What steps do you normally follow to create your files?

My creative process is not very complicated. I look for nice pictures to use at PhotoDune, search for cool fonts to use, and think about a theme for the flyer.

When I have an idea I start to design the flyer in Photoshop, and some elements in Illustrator. I love to design for clubs, so I think the process flows very naturally, almost like a game.

What is your advice to other authors regarding how to create a successful portfolio?

Honestly, I think that there’s no secret. I think the main part is to work hard, watch the top sellers. Believe in your style and quality and design + design + design. In time your style will improve. That is what GraphicRiver produces in everyone. The reviewers’ rejections and advice teach you to do things better, and there is an honest and healthy competition between authors.

What do you do to market your files?

Almost nothing. I just use DeviantART and Dribble, but not all the time. I need to improve that part.

What are your three favorite files, and why do you like them?

White Stripes

I have a special love for this file, because it was my first featured file. It was the first design I changed to my two side symmetrical style, and used a cleaner layout. And the effort was worth it!

Groovy Kind of Love

I really love the look of the final design of this one. I really enjoyed designing it.

Electro Night Beats

With this file I tried to make something new for me and my style, and play more with triangular shapes and colours, giving the file a electric techno look.

Apart from yourself, who is your favorite marketplace author, and why do you like them?

SevenStyles, he is the god of flyers… Unique style, a precursor, an innovator.

EAMejia, a more Latin talent, a much cleaner and simpler style, a great designer.

Saltshaker911, Haicamon, Reclameworks, Indieground, Retinalsin, Elicabe… to name some of my favorites.

What do you do in your spare time?

To be honest, I spend lot of time still on the PC, searching for new trends, tutorials, and stuff. But I play tennis and video games. I spend time with my other passion, my family, and the love of my life Gabriela.

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