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Top 20 Ajax Tutorials

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 20:12 — julie

Ajax is commonly overlooked as a language that many newbies to web design don’t really understand. Well the truth is, Ajax can do wonderful things and give your website that extra special something. I have rounded up a collection of the top 20 Ajax tutorials I think will help anyone get their feet wet with Ajax.

Let me know what tutorial you like best, and if you know of any other tutorials that have helped you master Ajax, then please by all means drop us a comment. Anyway, enjoy the list!

A simple AJAX website with jQuery

TutorialZine have posted this really great tutorial that teaches people how to create their very own fully functional websites that runs using Ajax. I have to say the finished result does look very nice! View Tutorial


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Including An External Page With Ajax

This tutorial will teach you how to include an external page using Ajax Its a very easy to follow tutorial written by the people over at Javascript Kit. View Tutorial

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Create A Live Preview Display

Learn how to create a live preview display when filling out a form, much like the one use. View Tutorial


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Ajax Contact Form

Learn how to create an Ajax contact form that emails the recipient without the page reloading. View Tutorial

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Making An Ajax Website

In this tutorial you can learn how to create your very own Ajax website. And the best part is, no Ajax knowledge is required! View Tutorial

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Ajax Web Chat Application

In this tutorial, you can create your very own web chat using Ajax. This is pretty cool if you are looking to creating a live chat app for your website. View Tutorial


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Ajax 101

Here is a short guide that will teach you the ins and outs of Ajax. View Tutorial

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Featured Content Slider

In this tutorial, you can learn how to make standard pieces of HTML glide in, and put them together into a beautiful slideshow. View Tutorial


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Validation And Ajax With jQuery

Ever filled out a form and it pops up with you forgot to fill out your email address or something similar? This tutorial will teach you hoe to validate your forms with Ajax. View Tutorial

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Ajax RSS Feed Widget

Learn how to grab any RSS feed you like, and display the content in any styled fashion. View Tutorial


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Animated Ajax Login [video]

This sweet video will teach you how to spice up your standard login page and make it animated using Ajax. View Tutorial

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Ajax File Upload Tutorial

An easy tutorial teaching you how to make a simple Ajax file uploader Some neat graphics in this tutorial. View Tutorial


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Ajax Image Loader [video]

Learn how to create an image loader in this nicely put together video tutorial. View Tutorial

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Ajax Login Form

This is a sweet Ajax login form tutorial that uses MooTools. Plus the login form has a neat little preloader! View Tutorial


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Ajax Username Validation

This tutorial will teach you how to validate a username in a form. You can also customize this to work with all the form fields. Plus this tutorial is available in jQuery and Prototype. View Tutorial

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Ajax XML Ticker

This a neat little tutorial that teaches you how to build an Ajax XML ticker. You can link a .txt file up to the ticker to display a slideshow of messages, and it supports rich HTML too! View Tutorial

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Use jQuery To Retrieve Data From An XML File

Here is a nice little handy tip that will teach you how to grab data from an XML file and display it on a blank empty page. View Tutorial


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Ajax Guestbook [video]

This video tutorial will teach you how to create a fully functional guestbook using Ajax. View Tutorial

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The Definitive Guide to Creating a Practical jQuery Plugin

Net Tuts have a really great tutorial on how to create your own practical jQuery plugin. View Tutorial

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Ajax Website Slider

This web slider will enhance your website and give it that extra something. This looks great, and is easy to make too! View Tutorial


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