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Adding Video Posts To Your Website

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 01:51 — julie

Web designers have been experimenting widely these days, as they attempt to best deliver high quality content in a way that maximizes SEO, advertising needs, and aesthetic appeal. There are few that can accomplish all these objectives, which explains why many designers are turning to one tried and true one that does: embedded video posts. If you don’t currently use video on your site, you may be wondering: why is video such an appealing option? And, if it really is, how can I go about implementing it?

If you are indeed asking yourself these questions, read on for the answers and for some other considerations to keep in mind.

Why Use Video?

Incorporating video into your site can, first and foremost, appeal to your audience by diversifying your content and by creating a medium that is more visual and engaging in nature. Along these lines, having video mixed in with other forms of content (ie images and text) makes your site appear more engaging and sophisticated in the process. Using video also has benefits that go beyond viewer appeal: it can also help your SEO (by creating more keywords and click-throughs) and your advertising profits (in-video advertising has grown tremendously in recent years, as online media has become more popular and as major companies like Adobe have entered the interactive advertising market).

How Should I Go About Incorporating Video?

How you incorporate video naturally depends on your site’s content and design. But, for almost every site, it should be done in a way that best maximizes its above listed benefits. Here are a few tips:

  • Audience Appeal: Insure that your videos are professional, easy to watch, and easy to access. Don’t rely too heavily on video if you have a readership that is strongly prefers text or that can’t realize any benefits from this form of medium.
  • SEO: Make a section of your site dedicated towards collecting all video posts, in that manner insuring greater sophistication and more click-throughs. Furthermore, add key description words or tags beneath each video that can be picked up easily by Google bots.
  • Advertising: Be sure to contract with advertisers who seek to put text and/or video ads onto your streaming media posts. But, at the same time, make sure that these ads are not too offensive or distracting; unlike advertisement banners on the side of a page, viewers are usually keenly aware of video ads.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Ideally, the lighting and coloring of your videos will mesh well with the background of the page. This creates a sense of greater consistency and, by extension, greater professionalism.
  • Hopefully these brief answers can help get you started exploring your site’s video needs. While video is certainly not for everyone, there’s little doubt that, when done correctly, it can bring considerable benefits to your site.

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